Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc: "A good brand is not only the assets of the enterprise but also a national asset"

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"A good brand is not only the assets of the business but also the nation's assets. Every country tries to protect its brand, "
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"A good brand is not only the assets of the business but also the nation's assets. Every country tries to protect its brand, "Prime Minister said.
According to the prime minister, to look to the world, we will see an economic powerhouse is not without a corporate culture characteristics.

"Why the Japanese eatery, South Korea can win customers around the world? Why are corporations such as Toyota, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Ford ... can survive and grow for decades and even hundreds of years and when a crisis, they can still stand up, rise ... "Prime suggestive.

"One of the explanations is very important that they have a platform strong corporate culture, even the brand has become a symbol of a nation. The brand represents the values ​​of creativity, discipline, innovation, social responsibility ... ", the head of the government quickly explained.

According to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vietnam currently has the brand has been built on the commitment to values ​​and principles of sustainable development, such as FPT, TH Truemilk, Vinamilk, Viettel, VNPT , JSC building Coteccons, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet ...

But, our identity is what?

Set out the characteristics of the corporate culture of countries such as the US liberal, liberal, pragmatic; Japanese discipline, dedication, cooperation penchant for families; Korea loyalty, responsibility ... Prime Minister posed the question, "So the culture of Vietnam is now what?".

Whatever the answer that it is one's own business, but Prime Minister insisted it is not beyond the fundamentals.

It's "integrity", "creative", "professional", "dedicated", "environmental responsibility" ...

Accordingly, so long as society, customers believe in the values ​​and principles of a business enterprise, it also has the opportunity to grow. Corporate culture, a healthy business culture, innovative, consistent with the trend of the times is the most effective bridge to our integration, economic integration into the region and the world.

"Let me emphasize one thing with the comrades and friends is: Losing culture in general and in particular corporate culture is to lose yourself. I do have losses greater and more difficult to repair such damage. He once said his grandmother was right: Losing faith is to lose everything. Corporate culture is also the customer's trust. "

Corporate culture, according to the Prime Minister, if the broad view is also the country's image especially when Vietnam is a far-reaching integration.

"I take the example, later on, when we approved the TPP and the agreement takes effect, the enterprise does not respect labor rights, environmental pollutants, it will not enjoy the preferential TPP , inability to deal with the TPP partners, "he said.

On the other hand, when it comes to corporate culture, it is also often mentioned the specific behavior. It's dealing with customers, and the community. That is how to communicate with partners and society.

"Take note, when a salesperson or a bartender to deal with customers, especially with foreigners, it is also the image of Vietnam in the impressive international friends" , the Prime Minister stressed.

Accordingly, this will certainly have an impact on the attractiveness of our tourism industry. Therefore, the Prime Minister of "sincere desire" the Vietnam learn from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea ....

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