People are miserable because the apartment has no basement parking

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On May 12, the head of the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment said that the agency is urgently completing the regulation on basement parking in the apartment.

After completing the construction, the Department will consult the leaders of the People's Committee and submit to the People's Council for approval. In case of approval, this regulation will be applied in the whole city.
Department of QH-KT is calculating many options, including the conversion on the total construction area will have a certain ratio of floor area underground parking. The draft stipulates that the basement area does not distinguish types of dwelling houses, including high-grade apartments, commercial houses, social houses, resettlement houses, offices, offices and commercial centers. .
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At present, some apartment buildings in Hanoi do not have basement parking or if there is too little compared with the construction area as well as demand for use, causing difficulties for residents.
Not long ago, Hanoi also intended to force new apartment buildings in the area to have three basements for parking. However, this has met the opposition of some investors, home builders because it is imperative to build the basement will invest capital, making people difficult access to cheap apartments, Long construction time.
In the face of that reality, the Hanoi People's Committee assigned Department of Planning and Investment to review, examine and propose solutions to overcome the problem of parking in accordance with the realities and regulations in order to meet the development demand. Urban traffic in apartment buildings.

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