Parliament to discuss the economic situation and social

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Day 2/11, Congress plenary session in the hall, discussing economic issues, socio-economic restructuring. The session was broadcast, live television.
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Specifically, Congress will discuss the restructuring plan the economy the period 2016-2020, the results of implementation of economic Development Plan 2016 social, economic Development Plan 2017-Social .

At this session, the cabinet members will also speak to explain and clarify the issues raised by National Assembly deputies discussed.

Report on economic and social missions in 2016 and 2017 by the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented in the opening session of the 2nd session of the National Assembly on the morning of 20/10 XIV highlights achievements being social and economic as well as the 2016 restrictions, weaknesses remain.

The content of the joint assessment report states: Despite many difficulties and limitations, but the economic situation of our country's social and continue positive change, achieve comprehensive results on most of the field . Macroeconomic stability, inflation under control; production and business continues to grow; restructuring the economy achieved some results; private sector investment vigorous changes; social confidence and rising market. The major economic centers continue to promote growth leading role, as the driving force for development of regional and national; Local difficulties many have endeavored for.

Cultural and social progress; social security is guaranteed; material life and spirit of the people is improved. Resource management, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change is focused. Administrative reform, investment and business environment, competitiveness has improved. Prevention of corruption and waste are drastically. Defense, security is enhanced, maintaining strategic initiative and national sovereignty. Foreign affairs and international integration achieved many results.

The report also pointed out the direction and tasks of economic development and social in 2017, which emphasizes the overall objectives are: Ensuring macroeconomic stability, creating a visible change in the implementation of 3 breakthrough strategic, economic restructuring associated with the growth model innovation, improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness, encourage entrepreneurship, enterprise development, promote growth. Enhancing the autonomy of the economy.

Ensure social security and care for the people's life. Cultural development, implementation and progress of democracy, social justice. Actively respond to climate change, disaster prevention; enhanced resource management and environmental protection. Continue to improve, improve the efficiency of law enforcement; promote administrative reform, strengthen discipline and discipline. Keeping strategic initiative, resolute, tenacious struggle firmly safeguard the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; national security, political stability and order, and social security. Improve efficiency external activities, international integration, create an environment of peace and stability to the country's development.

From the overall objective, the specific indicators, the task group, the solution was mainly determined by the government.

In particular, the tasks and key measures, the Government identified 9 groups of tasks and key measures, namely: (1) macroeconomic stabilization, ensuring the major balances of the economy fall. (2) Focus on solving difficulties, improve the investment and business environment, promote growth. (3) Economic Restructuring a substantive way, associated with the growth pattern transformation, improve the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness. (4) Development of cultural, social, take care of life for the people. (5) To actively respond to climate change, disaster prevention, environmental protection, enhanced resource management. (6) Develop effective public administration efficiency, discipline and discipline. (7) To maintain independence, sovereignty, political security, social order and safety. (8) Improving the efficiency of foreign affairs and international integration. (9) promote information and communication, creating social consensus.

In the plenary session on the afternoon of 20/10, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung MPI, authorized by the Prime Minister presented the report Restructuring Plan period 2016-2020 the economy.

The report said the implementation of the policy of restructuring the economy, Decision No. 339 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on approving the project "Overall economic restructuring associated with the transformation of growth pattern towards improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness period 2013-2020 "has set a 4-oriented economic restructuring by 2020, including: Maintaining macroeconomic environment favorable, stable ; implement drastic, effective 3 focus of economic restructuring (restructuring of investment, restructuring enterprise systems, restructuring the financial system-banking); promoting the restructuring of industries and services, adjusted marketing strategies, increase domestic value, added value and competitiveness of the products, the enterprise and the economy; continued restructuring, building and developing the economic structure reasonable area.

Implementation process of restructuring the economy in 2011-2015 under 4 above orientation has achieved positive initial results.

On target economic restructuring period 2016-2020, the overall objective of the plan to restructure the economy to implement the restructuring of the economy associated with the transformation of growth pattern, focus on improving efficient allocation and use of development resources, thereby changing the structure and level of the economy, forming rational economic structure and more dynamic, higher yield, with competence greater competition, with greater growth potential and ensure green growth, sustainable clean.

From the overall objective, the specific objectives set out are: Step by step to the market mechanism plays a key role in the allocation and efficient use of development resources. Formation and development of rational economic structure on the basis of improving and upgrading the level of development of the industry, sector, economic regions; development of sectors using high technology, high added value, gradually replacing low-tech industries, low added value to become the key economic sectors. Gradually strengthen the internal strength of the economy, international integration initiative and strengthen its position on the international countries, take advantage of opportunities from international integration, political stability, ensure national security, social security and social order and safety.

Verification Report on Plans to restructure the economy confirms the period 2016-2020 agreed with the need to develop plans to restructure the economy for the period 2016-2020 set out the tasks and solutions complete the objectives in the overall scheme of restructuring 2013-2020, overcoming limitations in implementing restructuring focus 3 last time and meet the requirements outlined in document XII Congress of the Party, Resolution No. 86 of the National Assembly as well as the new context. At the same time, stating specific opinions on matters related to the views, goals and targets of restructuring; restructuring scenario the economy; resource mobilization and methods, implementation ...

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