Not to wriggle investors planning adjustment

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At the meeting between the Prime Minister's Task Force by the Minister - Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung led with 17.2 MOC days, issues management planning, construction permits and urban order lively discussion.

Not to wriggle investors planning adjustment
Hanoi Urban fragmented and cluttered look from above.
"Great Family jumping into the park into residential areas immediately"
Minister Mai Tien Dung stressed Prime Minister particularly noted the Ministry of Construction in the strict implementation planning. "The Prime Minister noted that some parts of the investors would adjust the plan, even to adjust the local authorities, residential pent in old urban areas, breaking the original plan," Dung pot.
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Trong Thua concurred: Foreign City high cover, this much, but in me, that little street filled with tall buildings. He Thua said that urban planning is of low quality, weak orientation and major traffic jams in the city today is a consequence of this. "The people are pressing for decentralization, but lack of supervision should be to the benefit of business, because the short-term interests ahead of local revenue sources that adjust as planned. Besides, the implementation plan weak, only if there is public opinion on the new inspection concluded matter. "
Mr. Le Manh Ha, deputy head of the Government Office, pointed out that the provisions of the Planning Act are not capable of preventing the negative, leading to a state of "giants jump into the park into residential areas immediately" that could not stop.
Explanation this content, Construction Minister Pham Hong Ha admitted: "Method of adjusting the plan may not be wrong but not a proper way. So when planning the process closely, with many parties participation, evaluation and adjustment techniques, but until then there are only a few people to do it and did not exclude the benefit expression groups, pressure from investors at some point. "
Concluded the meeting, Minister Mai Tien Dung again reiterated the request of the Prime Minister: "No to investors planning to wriggle adjustment".
"The Prime Minister knows very well"
An equally important content that Prime Minister would have expected major changes are tightly Ministry of Construction will manage construction unit prices in the capital works budget.
According to Le Manh Ha, now very high technical norms lead to major negative, costly for the budget. Story cited several public enterprises HCMC salary for each division leader 2.5 billion / year which causes extra money just because ... so enjoy the highs. "Worth the unit price was only 1 contract, to allow 3 contract. So many businesses make just winning is definitely interest," Ha said.
"The prime minister has also locally should grasp this very carefully. Prime contractors prompt intervention not to adjust norms and unit construction price. For just factor that local earthworks done by the Ministry of Higher only 0.25 billion budget is losing money now, "said Minister Dung.
"Many people also told me why foreign highway just do this every money that VN is higher", the Minister of Construction to share, and admits there are some rules and standards are formed from the subsidy, so outdated, need amendment. "Price too. If correct, I believe the investment will reduce the budget and go more social," said Pham Hong Ha said.


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