Nghe An: People pressing for land acquisition for the project pending "hanging"

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Duc Nghi people (Vinh City, Nghe An) have to fully comply with the provisions of counting and hand over the project to go through his land. However, authorities continued counting additional, recovered a huge area ... waiting roadside for construction funds.
15m road, but recovered 35m.
2015, Vinh City project implementation Highway 46 ramp riverwalk with Lam about 8km in length, which, walking through Nghi Duc 4km.

It is reported that this project was approved in 2011, with roadbed width of 35m, but was later adjusted Nghe An Provincial People's Committee to 15m.

Date 09/28/2015, PC of issued Notice No. 241 on land acquisition for the project implementation. Business tally, profile clearance was conducted in late 2015 completed, all project households are going through consensus. Some locations across farmland path was the height of construction.
Nghệ An Dân bức xúc vì bị thu hồi đất để chờ dự án treo
Many people do not agree with the plan to wait for land acquisition projects "hanging"
Incidentally, in May 8/2016, many households neighbors Chunhua, Nghi Duc received notice will tally and withdraw additional 10m above the two routes in residential areas, in order to suit planned roadbed 35m.

Specifically, households Nguyen Thanh Luyen has finished counting, recovered 452m2 (roadbed 15m), today extended the two sides, each side 10 meters, a total of 996 m2 recovered. His family was counting Binh Nguyen finished 442m2, this continues to be required to tally again to approximately 400m2. Family households Nguyen Huu Hung Xuan Hoa hamlet 8.2m2 previously revoked, withdrawn must add approximately 150m2 more ...

Withdrawal of land thousands of meters to awaiting funding
Nguyen Huu Hung said: "Before, I did not notice anything at all, when the delegation on land measuring phase two, I'm going to do, do not sign the record." Households siblings Nguyen Dieu - Le Thi Chat determined not accepted for counting phase 2 (planned roadbed 35m), should the ongoing union campaign on and had decided to tally required.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh, Xuan Hoa hamlet pressing "We support the policy of road and agreed implementation measured precisely to the area of ​​the project is 15m line. But now authorities conducted tally, land acquisition, each side 10 meters without having to do the project is contrary to the provisions of law, so we do not accept. "

This is also the view of many households Chunhua neighbors. They have sent petitions to the authorities but has not been satisfactorily resolved. Nguyen Thi Nga, neighbors Chunhua said: "When the project is 35m line, people are willing to hand over. But now, recovered and then "hang", we do not accept. "

Explaining the tally was complete the entire route recovery area road project under 15m and then continue counting and recovered under 35m road planning, Mr. Dinh Xuan Binh, Deputy Director of the Centre City Development Land Vinh said the main purpose to stabilize the clearance, resettlement layout, comply with notice 113 dated 01/03/2016 of the PPC.

Mr. Binh explain, if not to recover, the people will suffer plan "hanging", marginalized the rights for construction is only temporary. However, many people say they already know this rule and accept the implementation of planning, whenever feasible, the project land acquisition will be carried out according to regulations.

Mr. Binh said, the 35m road surface is needed to be done, however, when asked Pv never will do, Mr. Binh did not answer. "We also want to clearance by size 15m for health, and in fact this project has made. And the plan is to implement the road 35m provincial leadership, "Binh said.

Representatives Center City Land Development Vinh said, as committed to the World Bank, if to 31/12/2016, the project does not proceed, it will be cut construction funding. With such short progress, while plans for land acquisition was done, suddenly the PC of the recovery plan launched additional planned 35m line, the accompanying procedures take a lot of time time and compensation expenses. Although the road 35m and implement projects not know when the new implementation, but has caused the reaction, pressing the people, leading to the risk of projects being delayed.

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