Negligent money was 'buried' in real estate

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2017 has been the experts confirmed that a positive year of the real estate market. Concerns about bubbles or "bury" the money in real estate is also gradually been removed.
Housing needs of the people are great.
However, the trend of the market has a good add on or "flat" compared to 2016 is also part of the strategic decisions and adjust product segment that some major investors holding the dominant role sources.
Huge housing demand

President of Association of Real Estate Vietnam (VNREA) Nguyen Tran Nam optimistic analysis, the new government administration, ministries and local authorities are very enthusiastic, energetic. The work is being stirred up and there are competing each other to attract investment, enterprise service.
These factors plus the law of mass, adjusted according to the new policy tends to encourage and create favorable conditions for businesses and business people are very good platform for development and economic stability. This will help the real estate market in 2017 have turned the momentum, especially as the demand for housing is great and people are still wide territory for development.
According to Nam, primarily on medium and long term, the demand for real estate in Vietnam is still very large. Forecasts to 2020 population of approximately 100 million. The average housing area of ​​the country today has not reached 23 m2 / capita and urbanization rate continues to rise, led to about 1 million people moved from rural areas to live in urban areas and parks industry. Thus, housing demand continues to rise.
Considering demand growth, every year to increase the floor 1m2 / person, ie need additional 1 million m2 of housing. This was not self-repairing, upgrading and rehabilitation of the people themselves, now constitute about 50% in the area of ​​housing. That same office space, services, social work, hospital, school ... contributed to the housing needs of the people added.
However, in the real estate market, housing segment of the people to determine the correct structure of goods. Therefore, the signal that big brands like Vingroup launched end of 2016 is encouraging. Specifically, Vingroup launched with brand new segment Vincity in 7 major cities, and from now until 2020 will also grant 200 thousand to 300 markets thousand cheap apartments. Thus, each year about 40 to 50 thousand apartments complement the new supply. This segment is not afraid to admit - he Male analysis.
Currently 70% of the market demand in this segment is located, while the back is the lack of goods. Provision has, plus the Government continued giving people credit packages serving real needs of citizens and solvency will through incentive packages specified maximum rate of 50% compared to the market is expected to help the low-income, middle income housing improvement.
For example, in 2016, the interest rate support provided for 4.8% and remain balanced and implemented preferential credit package for this mortgage, matching supply and demand should be absolutely no worries about "terrorist excessive panic ". Even this year, the interest rate support has been approved by the government of 5% / year is also reasonable. Excess current segment worrying mainly luxury goods.
End 2016, the total volume of transactions through the trading platform about 35 thousand (only in big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), but there were more than 90% of the premium segment. While the huge demand in the residential sector is small-scale commercial and social housing are absent.
However, with the solution to be implemented uniformly, the effectiveness of the Government for 2017, the segment social housing and small-scale commerce will grow stronger, to meet the needs of the market and maintaining the growth rate of the real estate market. This also makes the market more secure and stable - Mr Nam said.
Money will "shift" in market
At another point, Mr. Hoang Van Cuong, Deputy Rector of National Economics University also expressed optimism about the real estate in 2017, especially get rid of fears buried money invested in this market as have experienced periods. According to his analysis Cuong, from the end of 2014 extended into the year 2016, the real estate market recovery has not generated positive but "mutation" more positive. Therefore, in 2017, real estate continues to maintain a plentiful supply should not happen volatility.
Macroeconomic environment tends to stabilize, grow upward trend of real estate investment should bring good profit from the lease to stay, work shops, offices ... That is the cash flow into property may change, bringing gains to investors whether mutations do not create surplus as time market craze. Thus, the status of "bury" the money in real estate, buying finished "slide up" so it no longer - Cuong analysis.

 Now the situation is no longer throwing money into the "buried" in the real estate should be risk capital in this area a few years of not worrying. Also generate a profit or not, depends on many factors. Many investors may be choosing the new development area, good infrastructure in order to "stay ahead" waiting for an opportunity to raise prices. However, in terms of economic experts, Mr Cuong said that those with long-term capital, not so shocked that only investment balance in a short time, seize the opportunity, the possibility is not much profit.
However, investors should also keep an eye on the 2nd source market is the stock by 2017 there will be more opportunities, particularly when the enterprise equitization up much floor with ample cargo volume - he Cuong give advice. Stock market more easily attract the real estate cash flow despite low margins by.
For those who are not too much money, you can choose the investment channels for liquidity faster, the risk is not so high as the economic crisis period. Channel bank deposits are taken into account by risk free but limited profitability and matching of investors prefer absolute safety.
Therefore, according to Mr Cuong, real estate investors can profit higher but not to the extent that one has to work on. Past year, inflation is low, less than 4%, to deposit into the bank remains profitable and safe, especially when no single investment channels is really attractive.

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