Nearly half of Europe's population is not able to own a home

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Most people in Europe dream of owning a home and consider it a symbol of financial success and safety rather than rent. However, up to 48% of Europeans believe this will never happen.
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An international survey conducted in 13 European countries, the United States and Australia shows that the majority of people who own a home are satisfied with their current housing status, which is 78% Europe, 69% in the United States and 71% in Australia.

Research from ING also shows that 60% of European tenants say they want to own a home, 70% of those in the 18-34 age group. However, up to 48% of respondents do not believe they have the ability to own a home.

About 65% of Europeans said they wanted to own a home because they considered it a symbol of success. This report also reinforces the notion that homebuyers are not only financially responsible but also influenced by social and cultural principles.

Some analyzes show that 72% of Poles, 70% of Turks and Romans, 65% of Britons think home ownership is a symbol of success, while 83% of Luxembourgans that the financial factor decides the majority.

In large rental markets such as Spain, Germany and France do not appreciate home ownership over rent.

In general, 48% of Europeans said they would never be able to afford a home. Some statistics show that this situation is even higher in Australia when 62% of respondents said so.


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