My Khe Beach is a good "bait" for investors

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Selected as one of the six most attractive beaches in the world with great potential for development, but looking at the real situation planning here many people are wondering My Khe beach area - Da Nang whether there being "forgotten"?
Actually being "forgotten"?
Starting in 2013, when approved by the Prime Minister, the general planning of Da Nang city to 2030 with a vision to 2050 has created a stepping stone for Da Nang. This is also a lever for the rapid revival of the real estate market, bringing new life and exciting for investors.

This is clearly reflected in the results of Danang tourism. According to a report of the Tourism Department of the city, in the first 10 months of 2017, the total number of tourists visiting Da Nang is estimated at 5,635,137, an increase of 20.4% over the same period in 2016. According to statistics, the average annual turnover of the province is estimated at 16,567.3 billion dong, up 22.1% over the same period last year.

With the potential of nature available with the support of the city government, Da Nang is leading the country in tourism development. Typically, on the Hoang Sa - Truong Sa road connecting the city. Da Nang to Hoi An ancient town. Dubbed the "5-star road" of the city, many high-end hotels and resorts have been established. On the Han River - where the population is concentrated and is the center of traditional history and administrative offices of the city. Da Nang also attracts tourists by many activities, festivals of this size.

Unfortunately, My Khe beach has not been developed as expected. The number of high-end hotels in this area is limited, luxury resorts - luxury business centers - almost no. Therefore, My Khe has not kept the tourists long enough. This is considered wasteful and not commensurate with the inherent potential of an attractive resort.
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My Khe Beach - Top 06 most beautiful beaches by Forbes Magazine

"The bait" delicious for investors
Well-known for its long white sandy beaches, calm sea waves, warm blue water all year round, My Khe beach, Danang has been voted as one of the 06 most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. Australia's Sunday Herald Sun also noted that My Khe Beach is one of the ten most popular Asian beaches in the world.

Moving to My Khe Beach is also very easy and convenient, especially since the Dragon Bridge connecting the two banks of East-West Da Nang completed, visitors just go straight from the International Airport with distance 1,5 km to My Khe beach.

The recreational activities of the sea in My Khe has developed, tourists here can experience enough activities from fishing, windsurfing, diving, yachts, motorcycles ...

With potential natural and human resources available, Da Nang now just need to leverage the investment from the "big" in the real estate to turn this place into a "promising land" profit. Intelligent investors will not be able to ignore potential growth areas like My Khe because of the "ahead of time", the rapid "catching up" of the opportunity will certainly yield higher returns. in areas that are near saturation.

Recognizing that My Khe is an extremely potential area but is being abandoned, so, this area is a "bait" delicious that investors are hunting. The market has become "hotter" over the past few months as news of a "real estate giant" is preparing to launch the 50-story condotel twin tower project (opposite the Sea Park) East, the most favorable area of ​​My Khe in particular and Da Nang in general.

Meeting the need of relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment of tourists when coming to the city, the appearance of the 50-storey condotel project on the beach of My Khe is expected to help Da Nang tourism. as well as become a lucrative investment opportunity with the wise investors.

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