More than 100 apartment buildings are booming in Ho Chi Minh City

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Saigon has 935 high-rise apartment building, there are 105 apartments are in dispute at different levels.
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HCMC Real Estate Association has released a report on the real estate market of the city in the first 3 quarters, in which special mention of the situation of disputes in the apartment in the area is continuously increasing.

There are 935 condominiums in the city. There are 105 apartment buildings in disputed areas, of which 9 are apartment buildings. Dispute is common because the investor delayed the congress to elect the Board of Management, not to transfer the apartment maintenance fund.

One of the recent repetitive disputes is the joint ownership - in the project itself. Including: garage, community living room, areas can be rented business ...

In addition, disputes on the management of the use of the operating fee of residential apartments paid monthly by the households, the quality of construction of apartments, equipment, fire protection works are also frequent in many apartment building.

Particularly harsh are many cases where the investor does not hand over the house in accordance with the commitment, have not done the certificate (red book) for home buyers through the years has caused the urgency of the residents to peak. Regrettably, in many cases, the investor has mortgaged the apartment and the project to the bank without discharging or failing to qualify for the completion of the project.

According to the HCMC Real Estate Association, the cause of apartment disputes in the city boomed strongly over the past time because of the current legal system has not timely and effective sanctions. For example, the Law on Housing, the Law on Real Estate Business has provisions on prohibitions but there are no provisions on sanctions and penalties for violations of the investor.

One inadequacies is Decree No. 121 of the Government regulating the sanction of administrative violations in construction, real estate business, management development ... may have expired but not yet replaced. by the new Decree.

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