Money bargain for buying a townhouse forget evaluation

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Buying a house of 6.5 billion between the land fever, when he returned home, Mr. Hoan previously knew the old owner had sold 5 billion that no one bought.

The house has been put down by Mr. Hoan deposit in quarter II / 2017, located in district 3, Ho Chi Minh City, near the center, moving convenient to the center. The house is quite spacious with a ground floor, 3 floors (including terrace), airy thanks to a well, wide alley, car door. Considering from location, surrounding environment to design, construction quality, real estate market is feverish so Mr. Hoan rush to deposit. The closing of the notary to the name soon followed.

In the third quarter, when moving to a new home, began to get acquainted with neighbors, Mr. Hoan newly neighbors said that last year, the house was a local broker exclusive offer price of 5 billion but no guest. Knowing this news I rented the appraisal and broke out to have bought me silver. Just self-consolation, nonetheless property is legally full and will increase over time, "said Hoan.

Also dealing when the housing market fever, in April 2017, Mr. Nghiem deposited a frontage house in district 11, Ho Chi Minh City for nearly 12 billion in less than a week to see. Having the need to open an office, re-orientated with the location of the four-storey townhouse, Mr. Nghiem decided to buy the husband after negotiating the seller reduced 800 million.

However, until the need to mortgage the house to borrow business capital, recently, Mr. Nghiem was assessed real estate value real estate is only at 9.5 billion. "I was shocked when the value of the house was much lower than the price I bought three months ago. If the 800 million is reduced, I still have 1.7 billion, "Nghiem expressed regret.
The expert advised buyers of townhouses should not rush to make decisions and conduct price evaluations to avoid billions. Illustration

Nearly ten years of legal advice, brokers in the city of Saigon, expert Nguyen Tan Phong said that the money bill when buying a home in a hurry, ignoring evaluation is one of the typical errors. , Especially during the period of hot real estate market. "A common paradox is that people are racing to buy a home when land fever, high prices due to psychological fear lost opportunity and almost little transaction in the market crisis, prices plummeted. The result is a bill of exchange, "Phong said.

According to the expert, unlike real estate located in the project, which is publicly offered by investors to mass media and brokerage houses, the townhouse market is more individual.

Specifically, homeowners who manually sell by posting a sign or advertise a sale price is A but can change in a split into A ', A + because the market factor and product is unique. Best. In the earthquake, soaring prices in a "weather" manner are not uncommon. Therefore, the asking price of townhouses is influenced by many factors.

Therefore, buyers of townhouses are often advised not to buy in a hurry. Do not skip appraisal to have bargain, bargain discount, at least not buy expensive. The plus point of conducting a price appraisal is that beyond the value of the property, the buyer knows more about the legal information of the property, further enhancing the security of the investment.

Mr. Phong said, there are many reliable valuation sites customers can knock on the door as the independent valuation company, the bank's valuation department. These are units with specialized functions based on regulations and guidelines of the law.

In addition, the market also exists quite a lot of sites, channels of information free evaluation of investors can refer. Even if there is time and special interest, buyers can completely evaluate their own property or supervise the process based on the basic method of direct price comparison.

This is a pricing approach based on the market price of real estate properties that are quite similar to the properties they are considering. To estimate the real value of assets, this is the most widely used method nowadays in Vietnam as well as in many countries around the world.

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