Ministry of Construction proposed Ho Chi Minh City allowed to build 25m² apartment

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In a recent document sent to the HCMC People's Committee, the Ministry of Construction asked Ho Chi Minh City not to oblige all projects to apply standard commercial area.
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According to the Ministry of Construction, Ho Chi Minh City may allow a certain percentage (20-25%) of apartments with a small area of ​​25-45m² to be built in residential projects in the CBD. High population, unfavorable technical infrastructure. For non-CBD areas, there are many workers, which may allow higher rates of smaller units.

With the idea that small apartments under 45m² / unit will increase population, increase pressure on social infrastructure and disrupt the approved planning, the Ministry of Construction recognizes the management of planning, Urban order management does not only depend on the standard minimum area of ​​apartment building but also depends on many different factors.

The determination of planning criteria for population control, construction density and height of works shall comply with the planning legislation and national standards on construction planning and detailed planning of projects. approved by the competent authority.

International experience also shows that many countries in the world are allowed to build small apartments such as South Korea: 14m², France: 15m², Thailand: 15-20m², but these countries still do good population management, planning - architecture management and technical infrastructure and social infrastructure in urban areas.

In fact, in Viet Nam, the demand for apartments has a small area of ​​less than 45m² to serve low-income, single and young households in 2-3 large urban areas, developed areas The industrial park is relatively abundant and has been invested in some localities.

The Housing Act of 2014 has removed the minimum floor area limit of 45m² for commercial condominiums.

The Ministry of Construction has also issued documents to instruct and answer a number of localities and enterprises on the minimum area for apartments. Accordingly, pending the promulgation of the National Technical Regulation on condominiums, commercial apartments may temporarily apply the minimum area standards of not less than 25m ² and ensure the design, built in a closed apartment style.

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