Market segment of real estate for young people.

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Green apartment development, quality but affordable prices are seen as a "niche" market potential in the current apartment.

Although new but this apartment stream shows good effect in consumption, because it meets the needs of buyers, especially young people: the mid-range price that is guaranteed to be full of modern gadgets .

Real needs of young people is always higher

Of the 13 million people in Ho Chi Minh City, about 500,000 families who need emergency shelter. Most of these are those in the younger customer. They have health, higher qualifications, increasing income but limit is not a lot of capital accumulation.

Phan khuc thi truong BDS cho nguoi tre

On the investor side, although affordable housing segment is very high demand, but as this is the home segment is also very difficult because to find suitable land is not easy. The central area is not done because the price is too high. Therefore, requires the painstaking preparation and long term and the investors must have the financial strength to invest is new.

Meanwhile, for young people, property in the hands of a billion to buy a house is not a simple thing. Therefore, alternatives to bank loans associated with the project owner for assistance at lowest interest rate is appropriate.

As representatives of the department of CBRE Research and Consulting evaluated the affordable segment and intermediate very popular market. With the help of the banking system and interest rate commitments within the first 1-2 years 6-7% range and flexible sales strategy of the investor will stimulate home buyers in this segment.

"However, the buyer should have on hand a minimum amount equivalent to 30% of the apartments and the maximum loan is only 70%. This is a reasonable percentage for home buyers is not an economic burden "- economist Dinh The Hien analysis.

Real estate experts say, the market received many projects will diversify midrange products to meet the real needs of users. However, for customers to have access to effective mid-range apartments, businesses also need support, particularly financial measures.

"Winds of Change" with apartments affordable prices, convenient payment

After a period of massive development of the premium segment, the real estate market in the city tend to go back to the core segment of the housing market for middle-income earners. In a multi-dimensional picture of the apartment market, projects Citisoho by Kien Group development project is seen as leading the trend "unwind", responding to fears of many young families are settling find sanctuary when launched product line luxury apartment, in the heart of District 2 but affordable price.

Accordingly, despite the prices only from 852 million / two bedroom apartments but still owned utility Citisoho diverse as luxury swimming pool, children's play area, BBQ area, sports area, lobby, luxury pickup , security system with magnetic card, ... Citisoho is surrounded by the central park of 4 hectares, with a density of trees up to 7m2 / person, which is more than 9 times the current city ( about 0,7m2 / person).

In addition to senior internal facility, residents Citisoho also inherited other quality amenities of urban areas such as Cat Lai national standard school system from kindergarten to high school, the Supreme People's Court, University UMT will start in 2018, ...

Flexible payment methods in 36 months, including the first phase only pay 10% of customers actively help in preparing financial problems. To better support our customers, Kien BIDV cooperate with implementation of the program supported loans 70%. Besides, the policy up to 18% discount is considered competitive solutions, stimulate the purchasing power of this product in the near future.

On the other hand, with the prestige and experience of many years of real estate developers with strong financial strength of Kien Group, customers complete peace of mind to the committed schedule, legal projects and construction quality apartment.

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