Make a fortune by hunting the center of the high-end apartment building

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Instead of spending large sums of land for investment or waiting for higher prices, or buying luxury apartments for rent, Saigon investors are turning to the city center for high-end rental housing.

The advantages of high-end rooms
Buy a 160m2 land plot on Truong Quoc Dung street, Phu Nhuan district with the price of 3.4 billion, Nguyen Van Tan invested more than 2 billion to build a house four floors, divided into small rooms, each area Room about 10m2 to make room for rent luxury.
Although he was building, after renting a room for about a week, some of his future rooms had deposits. Each apartment has a mezzanine, air-conditioner, television, refrigerator, Mr. Tan for $ 3.5 million per month.
This investor revealed that this is a new trend of investors in Saigon. Talking about the advantages of this investment, Mr. Tan said that if the time before, the investment to buy high-end apartment, townhouse rental investors have to spend money is not small. For example, buy luxury apartments with the apartment price of 4 billion or more, add about 500 million investment interior, investors will lease for about 20 million per month.
But now, this type of investment is outdated by the amount of apartment was born too much, the demand for renting a large area of ​​less and when the apartment is broken, the furniture malfunction, apartment also Damaged chisel damaged, repaired for new lease so it is quite expensive, the efficiency is not high.
Therefore, the investment to buy land to build rooms to "room" is currently the most chosen investors. Low land price, low cost of construction and interior, can build high floor with many rooms, high rental price, besides monthly rent, investors also get other fees such as electricity, security…
With 20 apartments for rent, I collect about 70 million per month. Thus, the profit is higher than the investment in townhouses or apartments for rent many times, "Tan said.
Not only Mr. Tan, Tran Manh Hung, a resident of District 3 of HCM City, also said that the rental housing is being considered as a very profitable investment channel. According to Hung, in 2010, when the real estate market hit the bottom, he bought a 200m2 plot of land on Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3 with a surprisingly cheap price of just 7 billion dong. But buy and do not know what to do investment, building a house is too wide, renting to make eateries, coffee is also difficult. A friend of his, he has decided to build a five-storey house, each floor 8 rooms area of ​​15m2 to make room for rent luxury.
Mr Hung said: "At that time, I rented only 2 million dong / apartment, now it costs 4 million dong / unit. The room was never empty, so I quickly reclaimed the capital, and bought another plot of land on Hong Ha Street, Binh Tan District, to continue developing this type of rental property. "
The outstanding advantage of these apartments is full facilities, clean, free hours.
Truong Ngoc Thu, a high-end housing developer in District 1, said that this investment always ensures that investors benefit from the fact that they will benefit from it. The average income of about 7-10 million VND is now occupied by the majority of laborers. If they choose to rent houses in the neighboring districts, they will also get about 2-3 million VND per room. Meanwhile, travel time from the center to the surrounding districts and vice versa must take quite long, time-consuming, costly ...
Therefore, a large number of customers choose to rent motels downtown, while saving money, not afraid of traffic jam, less time travel.
Rooms are comfortable enough, if two singles are together, dividing the rent is a common labor can also live comfortably in the city center.
With three years of investment experience in this type of housing, Duc Tien, based in Binh Thanh District, said that the investment segment is quite safe, almost unaffected by the ups and downs of the real estate market.
This is a product line that serves people who want to stay at home better than a motel room and cheaper than an apartment or home. Potential customers include: Persons with stable income, wanting to have private or small families who can not afford to buy a house but can afford to pay 2-3 million VND a month for accommodation. condition; Students get good financial support from their families.
Be careful when investing
Mr. Pham Thang, Director of Thang Loi Real Estate Investment Company - a unit specializing in the development of rooms to rent, said that the model of office space for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is attracting. Many individual investors have large idle capital involved. But, this is also an investment channel is not easy.
Mr. Thang suggested, before investing, people need to survey the current supply and select the least competitive segment. The rental price should also be appropriate, not too high, not too low for investors who are leasing in that area.

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The style of motels are growing strongly in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Anh Minh
Rental rooms for rent with a common area from 10-

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