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What is the fate of the River City project; Real estate ads remain "tree climbing, climbing columns" despite the ban; 3 traffic projects promising land fever in Saigon; Deputy PM commented on the list of 60 proposed projects ... are highlights in the past week.

What is the fate of the River City project?
That question is attracting great interest of real estate in HCM City recently the investor of this project abruptly stopped all transactions, liquidated the contract of sale of apartments and accept compensation. 20% for customers.
This project is built on a land area of ​​112,585m2 including 12 37-storey apartment blocks, providing approximately 3,125 apartments. However, after the construction of some items, this project stagnated for a long time. In 2016, Phat Dat shook hands with An Gia Investment and Investment Fund from Japanese Creed Group to revive the project.
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 Da Nang housing bubble is about to break ...?
In 2012, house prices in Da Nang are bleak and few companies and brokers remain. Nearly the end of 2014, a plot of land in Hoa Xuan Ecological Park or Phuoc Ly urban area project is only 400 million VND / foundation.
By the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 (before and after Lunar New Year), land in Da Nang such as "epilepsy" increased rapidly, especially coastal land. The value increased 2-3 times the old price, there is only one night the landowners increased to 100-200 million.
Workplace injury alarms in apartment projects
Many occupational accidents occurring in apartment construction projects have recently put workers at risk of questioning the safety of existing apartment buildings.
With construction workers in high-rise buildings, the phrase "collapsed scaffolding" always haunts them. There have been a lot of labor disasters causing casualties resulting from the collapse of the scaffolding.
Deputy Prime Minister comments on the list of 60 projects proposed for inspection
In this regard, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue commented that the Ministry of Finance has transferred a list of 60 housing and land-use units to change their land use purposes to carry out investment projects for the Government Inspectorate. To serve the inspection of land management under the inspection plan 2017.
Deputy Prime Minister also assigned the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to chair and coordinate with relevant ministries and sectors to study and propose the amendment of the Land Law 2013 in the auction of land use rights in accordance with the regulations on Land acquisition.
3 traffic projects promising land fever in Saigon
Construction of Cat Lai Bridge instead of Cat Lai ferry, Can Gio bridge instead of Binh Khanh ferry and construction of parallel road with National Highway 50 are important transport infrastructure projects to be deployed in the coming time in Ho Chi Minh City.
The Prime Minister agreed to supplement the replacement of Cat Lai ferry. This bridge will cross the Dong Nai River connecting District 2 (HCMC) with Nhon Trach District (Dong Nai Province). The bridge has a total length and path about 4.5km, speed 80km / h; Cross section of 60m road, ensuring 6 motor lanes and 2 mixed lanes; The cross-section of the bridge is suitable for the route scale. The bridge will be built from 2017 to 2020.
Real estate ads are still "tree climbing, climbing columns" regardless of the ban
From 5/5/2017, advertising behaviors affecting the beauty such as paste, hanging on trees, electricity poles will be dealt with. However, this ban appears to have not come to reality.
On most of the roads in the city in Saigon, it is easy to see images of hanging ads, dense stickers on trees, electric poles. Most of these are ads, classifieds related to the real estate. The real estate market is more vibrant, the ads appear more chit, causing aesthetic, sleazy.

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