Last year, visitors to Hanoi giants open their wallets waiting luxurious new real estate projects

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Cash flow in the pockets of giant customers in Hanoi and northern provinces began to show signs of "agitation" at the end of the year. As the law of supply and demand, the investors also will choose the right "point fall" to inflate a series of projects with the super terrible incentive programs, even admitted the "hot" to appeal any god, like the decided to open the purse money.

Last year housing demand increased heat

According to CBRE, in the first 9 months of 2016, Vietnam attracted US $ 16.4 billion registered FDI and increased from 1,820 projects, have decreased slightly (4%) compared to the same period of 2015, but is still considered is a positive value in the region. Of these, 6% capital inflows estate activities (real estate). Haiphong and Hanoi are two leading local attraction of foreign direct investment to turn the investment of $ 2.7 billion and $ 2 billion. With these positive signs mentioned above, Vietnam's economy in the last months of 2016 is forecast to grow strongly. Real estate market so also is expected to have many positive developments and vibrant in the last months of 2016. On the belief and demand, experts said that the end of the year is always the time of purchase home sales rose sharply due to profit taking business cash flow has formed channels and real estate remains a safe haven investment in the long term.
Republic Plaza 18E Cong Hoa

However, the most important thing Hanoi among the rich than making money would be to keep the money and spend money. Class and spend money to spend money to return with the best service, and if the property purchased must be carefully selected as the capacity of the investor as well as the legality and quality of each product. If the apartment has no outstanding features special activities or business signs to get money psychology course pickpockets customers do not expect the wealthy to eye. That is what an investor knows, but not many businesses do and dare affirm. The crux of the handshake between a wealthy client with investors not only short term but also the parallel throughout a journey to understand the "long-distance horse or know."

The last event on the property in addition to the event due to the exchanges and investors independent organization will accrue to large programs such as Vietbuild Hanoi Exhibition 2016, Smartcity, several workshops and seminars. Particularly VietBuild Hanoi took place in 2016 promoted the earliest, most of shops and attract the most real estate projects. Most notably is the first time Hanoi investors are exploring investment opportunities and settling of the 12 most attractive real estate projects across the country hit was released in the same horizontal scale exhibition areas coated with the theme "Converge Long Pants".

Located in the prime location of Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, projects such as Riverside City Dragon, Ariyana Smart Condotel Nha Trang, Republic Plaza ... fully meet the investment needs and diversity of ownership of customers for luxury residential apartments in the city center, the airport apartment, condotel and villas. Besides, as the project was first introduced to the market such as Dragon Village, Riverside Lach Tray, Marina Hill, ...

Those who understand will understand this quickly is impossible to miss the opportunity to choose place of retreat, as well as an ideal resort seeking profitable investment opportunities in the city effectively develop the most dynamic and tourism centers throughout the country's busiest.

Project "billion" Dragon Riverside City.

One of the highlights of the exhibition area is the project "billion" Dragon Riverside City. Located on the front line and Vo Van Kiet Nguyen Table, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Riverside City Dragon accented with buildings 53 stories high Dragon Tower is used as the 5-star hotel, office grade A and serviced apartments. In addition, the project also has 1,060 apartments Dragon Residence (area 50-130m2); international trade center with hypermarkets Dragon Mall in the basement and 6 floors of commercial business. Located in many geographical balance most profitable Ho Chi Minh City, Riverside City Dragon is expected to blow a new wind to the luxury real estate market in the south next time.

Republic Plaza project.

Equally attractive is the combination of Republic Plaza is being built right busiest roads in Ho Chi Minh City with two 14-storey towers. A front towers Republic international hotel is the Holiday Inn & Suites First in Ho Chi Minh City with 350 rooms managed by IHG; Tower B is 266 premium serviced apartments, the area from 47-104m2 and 100% are equipped with luxurious furnishings. A special feature is the Repulic Plaza International Airport Tan Son Nhat 5 minutes so it is suitable for regular customers working Hanoi or search south investment opportunities for profitable rental.

Project Smart Ariyana Condotel Nha Trang.

There will be two prominent real estate projects in Nha Trang is forecast to be "magnet" to attract investors to Hanoi during the exhibition are Marina Hill villas and apartment complexes - hotels Ariyana Smart Condotel Nha Trang. In it, Ariyana Smart Condotel Nha Trang is a 28-story tower with 394 apartments with the area from 49-114m2 condotel, is equipped with 100% premium interior and intelligent entertainment system. 180m from the beach of Nha Trang, Nha Trang Ariyana Smart Condotel is the perfect choice for investment and pleasure. Customers who bought apartments and rental program participation by investors to ensure payback of 40% in the first 5 years, from 6th year onwards will be shared 30% of rental income and return on investment in just 9.5 years. The apartments are priced from 1.7 billion. Customers deposit to buy an apartment during the exhibition will be donated Iphone 7 Plus.

Besides the real estate project has stirred the market over time, customers to the booth "Long Hoi Trousers" have the opportunity to explore the project was first introduced to the market such as Dragon Village (TP Ho Chi Minh City) and Lach Tray Riverside (Hai Phong).

Dragon Village is one of the largest urban area in the east of Ho Chi Minh City with a total area of ​​21ha, create investment opportunities and the best habitat in the area real estate market is heating up day by day. Project by JSC Phu Long Real Estate Development unit, designed with more than 700 houses, villas and apartment buildings.

Hai Phong port city will also open up investment opportunities to Lach Tray Riverside project. This is nearly 14ha large urban areas, located near Lach Tray river basins and Cat Bi. Lach Tray Riverside will create higher standards of living for the people of Hai Phong.

17/11 days, the investors will hold the seminar "Investment apartments - hotels: Long distance horses know" and introduced the project ceremony at the 1st floor conference room, the Exhibition Halls A1 Vietbuild.

Pham Thu Hong, a customer came from Hai Duong said she needs to buy a second home, so she came to visit the exhibition "Long Hoi Trousers" by the project in addition to learn she would be received many attractive gifts and lucky draw. "In addition, I was also interested in the opportunity to discover the perfect vacation and attractive promotions of 5 star resorts like Furama Resort Danang, An Lam Ninh Van Bay and Ana Mandara Nha Trang".

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