Last year, real estate south of Hanoi eventful season

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Oriented planning of green space, traffic infrastructure upgrades, network education, high-quality health care ... is the important factor contributing to the vibrant real estate market south of Hanoi last occasion male.
The real estate market (real estate) in Vietnam in 2015-2016 still maintain a stable rhythm after the recovery period since 2014. Specifically, in 2015 the market witnessed 16,500 apartments successful offering, increase 24% compared to 2014. According to statistics, the first nine months of 2016, about 19 111 successful transactions.

Hanoi market considered separately, if the period of 2015 - 2016, real estate western region and east to the throne, then the end of 2016, the market is witnessing a shift to the south. Transport infrastructure was significantly improved, the public works are more focused and richness of real estate supply is the major factor contributing to the market's vibrant south. In particular, the existence of the network of health care, high quality education and national industry leaders play a key role.

Situated in the general plan of the capital Hanoi to 2020 and vision to 2050, the area south of the capital Hanoi is gradually "change meat", with spacious appearance, thanks to the orientation of modern plan social infrastructure systems central axis, axes, auxiliary axes oriented planning and green space.
bat dong san phia nam len ngoi

anoiweekend of the people of the capital H
venuesPark Ho Yen is becoming fun outdoor
Yen So Park which is considered as one of the green lungs of the capital Hanoi, with the scale of 323ha, of which 280ha is an area of ​​the park and lake. This park has won the prestigious award for Landscape Architecture Design in 2011 by the Malaysian Institute of Landscape Architecture (Ilam) awarded.

Besides, there is the park on the other side Linh Dam Lake roads Liberation 3.5 ha park with shade trees and lakes conditioned 9,5ha. Currently, Linh Dam Lake was embankment, cleaning and upgrading the landscape ... became 2nd green lung Hoang Mai district. Have to say, the south is one of the rare areas in Hanoi possesses a green park area and lake conditioning such a large area. Thus, the south is the ideal choice for living space and the fresh green of the city.
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Hanoiimprove regional transportation infrastructure south of the capital
ibutedTollRoad Kim Dong - Tan Mai smoothly early in 2015 contr

Urban areas face south in general and Hoang Mai district in particular is moving strongly through transportation infrastructure improved significantly. 3 connected Ring Road west to east through the south has solved the major traffic flow and leverage capital's urban transport axis. Besides radial trunk roads - Giai Phong, southern regional transport roads are upgraded with modern twin Kim Dong - Tan Mai Den Lu lake across the road to Tam Trinh. Beginning southern approaches to the capital, Hanoi, new roads spacious double Thanh Liet sector contributed positively to the transport infrastructure of the country.

Health network, high-quality education and strong reputation on the impact of the property market vibrant south. Projects within a radius of 1.5 - 2 km to the prestigious universities such as University of Polytechnic, University of construction or the Bach Mai Hospital, hospital Vietnamese Japanese, Vietnamese French, will especially attract customers.

The time of 2015 - 2016, the supply of apartments segment average of 1 billion - 1.5 billion were offered to the market with regional projects such as Dinh Cong: Ruby apartment, Linh Dam urban area with apartment buildings VP1, VP2, Rainbow .... In particular, Hoang Mai Hateco condominiums were offered for the first time at a price below 20trieu / m2; Park View Tower Condominium was offering 19.8 million price / m2 or 1.4 billion / unit.
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real estate market south of Hanoi
contribute significantly to the excitementApartment Imperial Plaza
In particular, Imperial Plaza 360 apartments including 312 Liberation apartment, furnished complete with attractive asking price 28 million / m2 are becoming the bright spot in the market south end of the year. Imperial Plaza Apartments has an area of ​​super reasonable asking price of 1.8 billion / unit, high-end interior finishing. The highlight of this project is due synchronized planning and methodical: Garden landscaping, green space, schools at all levels, especially the modern facilities to serve the daily needs such as shopping centers , supermarkets, cinemas, outdoor pool ... Thanks to this plan, Imperial Plaza became the most scale project south gate of the capital. With supplies limited premium segment, Imperial Plaza project will launch given a certain urgent needs in the region, becoming an ideal place to settle and an attractive investment channel in the regional year-end south of the capital.

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