Lack of hot everywhere loan, sell apartments hole cut out of debt

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Not only those who buy luxury apartments, but even buy houses cheap, also very nervous before the credit crunch in 2017. Property Buyers bank loans more difficult, if the loan is also right pay with higher interest rates, especially those with real housing demand.
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Selling to cut losses
Race before being tightened capital from banks, investors are racing to launch their projects to market. Meanwhile, the buyer again worried. Are planning to buy an apartment this year, Nguyen Manh Tuan (Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) lamented: "The couple are considering borrowing more money from banks to buy houses, to find new sales projects like that. But, if hardly lend themselves will have to reconsider. "
According to the understanding of Tuan, the bank said it would more closely manage borrowers, not all investments are disbursed. In particular, in addition to restrict lending, banks will apply higher interest rates, which makes the couple will be tougher.
Final solution Tuan couple is taking interest from the borrower, the interest rate is equal to their pay deposit rates in banks. "So I have to borrow from relatives, to pay the monthly interest rate, but if the salary to pay the principal amount of the couple and not enough to pay daily expenses," he said.
Concerns interest rates will rise, many customers are mortgage insecurity. Most of the commercial loan contracts are not fixed interest rates, therefore the interest rate volatility increases, the borrower will have trouble. On the real estate market appeared many luxury condominium project selling to cut losses. However, to sell nor easy.
The UK is selling to cut losses apartment in Ha Dong said, he was going to borrow from banks to buy houses. Due to tightened lending sources of information, concerns will see the status as of 2011, Mr. Thanh had to borrow money for "exorbitant", up to several tens of percent, while housing prices fall should sell well uncompleted. Ad He posted on the net, thanks to acquaintances to find guests, but 2 months now and have yet to find.
Not only those who purchase luxury apartments as Tuan that even buying cheap houses are also worried. Nguyen Thu Hai (Bac Giang) said, to date, her family has about 500 million, plans to borrow more to buy cheap apartments 1 billion.
But 30,000 billion loan package was over, she Customs awaits the new loan package, otherwise it is difficult to "dream" to buy an apartment in Hanoi. Recently, 30,000 packages billion preferential loans officially ended. State Bank has rejected proposals to extend this loan package.
"30,000 billion loan package for both trade buyers cheap loans, but found a new security package only applies to social housing, as his family conditions, the loan can not be", she adds.
Lack of hot everywhere loan, sell apartments hole cut out of debt
Customers are calculated before purchase
The market will slow down development
Pham Duc Toan, Director of a real estate business, said that the segment of medium and high-end apartments majority of customers are borrowing to buy, while the secondary real estate value, the greater premium to the amount of loans great number of. Supply projects this segment recently re-sizable.
"The credit squeeze on the real estate will inevitably cause great impact on the market and the general rules, any damage would be heaped on customers. Because, if he is or he borrowed difficult to accept high interest rates, or a form more common than I thought it would be an investor will increase the price for that portion used to pay interest to the bank, "said Toan pot.
With the ability to be tightened real estate credit, according to economic expert Nguyen Tri Hieu, commercial banks are expected: One is, will raise interest rates for mobilizing capital for medium and long term funding needs Property for medium and long term loans. Therefore real estate lending rate will likely increase
The second possibility, because of the risk factor for rising real estate credit (from 150% to 250%) forced banks to tighten lending to real estate or equity capital increase. This will affect the profitability of the bank and, therefore, likely that banks will have to increase lending rates to compensate for lost profits.
"Therefore, the real estate lending rates in the near future if the amended Circular 36 is implemented will likely be detrimental to the business and real estate investment, real estate buyers because prices can be increase, the bank loans will be limited, "Dr. Hieu said.
Mr Nguyen Xuan Quang, company N.L., that, people want to buy a home will be the most negatively affected by the rising prices of real estate, the mortgage will be difficult and interest rates will be higher. According to Quang, next time, the pace of development of the property market is likely to slow down.

Duy Anh (VietNamNet)

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