It is necessary to form the housing market

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In fact, the demand for housing of the people is very large, while in large cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City ... rental housing is too limited, the model of rental housing only appears. "Dripping", still quite strange to the people and not enough attractive to investors.

Some commented that, with the low middle-income status as the present, the formation of the rental market is very necessary, not only contributing to solving the housing shortage but also Participating in regulating house prices, stabilizing the segment of affordable housing ...
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Forming the rental market is an important measure to stabilize land prices.

Developing rental housing is a new issue that has been mentioned many times at various social housing development conferences. There are also many solutions offered to develop this type of housing, but so far only a few companies have been interested in renting their projects, a modest figure, such as "salt Break up "when the demand for people need to rent a very large.

Why rental housing segment has not been properly developed? One reason is that there are still some barriers to investing in this type of apartment such as the amount of capital spent initially, the recovery time is slow, difficult to manage the tenants ..., so There are very few salient investors.

In this regard, some real estate companies said that most enterprises deployed the type of rental housing in large part because of community and social responsibility. By the fact, this is the only form of money, retail money. According to calculations, businesses spend 20% of the area for rent, which is 20% of the total investment, while the profit is controlled not exceed 10%. Not to mention, after operating for many years to recover capital and take a profit. After a period of 5 years, when selling apartments for rent to be effective. If only make social housing for rent is not any business do ...

Emphasizing the fact that the supply of rental housing does not meet the needs of the people, Prof Dang Hung Vo said: From experience in many countries, housing rental is an integral part of economic development. Socio-economic, as in Japan has a "preferential rental policy" in parallel with the purchase of housing, mainly address housing difficulties for civil servants and newlyweds. According to this policy, renters pay only about 1/8 of the monthly rent paid by the company and the company; At the same time, the German government implemented two schemes to support the construction of housing and rental housing, to increase the supply of housing and increase the housing demand of the people, then through the market mechanism. School distribution of housing to the people.

Or in Singapore, depending on the circumstances of each household, the Government of Singapore will have different preferences, the smaller the apartment the more privileged. Usually the buyer only has to pay 20% of the value of the apartment, the rest can use the accumulated capital to pay off in 5, 10 or 25 years.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, demand for rental housing is very large, but the market is open, untapped or only small and short business of individuals, households, some enterprises . Especially, there is no preferential credit package after 30 trillion dong loan package. This is also a question of enterprises considering investing in this kind of housing.

Agreed with the point of view, some economic experts said that in the property market, rental housing is a low value segment but is meeting the needs of the majority, those who have not accumulated much money. , They choose to rent a house, then will buy a home. At a market angle, when affordable rental housing develops directly with existing housing and may be a substitute for some low-cost housing.

In large cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City ... every year, thousands of immigrants come to study and work, most of which are medium or low income workers. Sue to buy a house and must find a motel. For many years, many people in need have to rent at the spontaneous accommodation throughout the city, because Hanoi has no funds for rental housing large projects, focused.

If the abundant supply of social housing is provided, it will contribute to meeting the basic needs of housing for the people. Establishing the rental market is also an extremely important measure to stabilize land prices. The remaining issue is the need for appropriate policies and long-term credit incentives for businesses to invest, so that all residents have accommodation rather than accommodation.

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