In 2018, Hanoi targets about 11 million square meters of residential space

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In 2018, Hanoi has set a new target of 11 million square meters of dwelling houses, mainly social housing (about 430,000 square meters), resettlement houses (nearly 348,000 square meters) and commercial residences 2,145,000 m2).
To ensure the above indicators, the Hanoi Department of Construction said that the unit will continue to review, deploy solutions to remove difficulties, promote the real estate market in the area. Studying and adjusting the planning and scale of real estate projects, creating conditions for diversification of products. At the same time, to carry out the inspection and review of housing development to propose adjustments to suit practical needs.

In particular, to overcome the shortcomings in management and use of condominiums, in 2018, the Hanoi Department of Construction directed to handle definitely objects in the resettlement houses have not paid money to buy houses.

At the same time, to continue inspecting and urging the People's Committees at all levels and the investors and units assigned to manage the operation of condominiums to accelerate the organization of condominium conferences to elect the Managing Board according to regulations.

In addition, the Department will hold auctions for areas of service business in the resettlement housing for the vacant space not used; The service area on the first floor and other commercial buildings must be handed over to the city after being established.

With regard to the management of former state-owned houses, the competent authorities will review and remove the difficulties in signing lease contracts at the Housing Management and Housing Enterprise and at One Member Company Limited, Hanoi Housing Development and Management.

Acceptance of dossiers requesting the withdrawal or coercive recovery of houses shall be made by the house-managing units. Hanoi expects to sell about 1,000 old houses in 2018 with the budget of 200 billion dong.
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Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Construction Nguyen Chi Dung said that in 2017, the total floor area of ​​new housing development in Hanoi reached about 11,033,432 m2, of which social housing reached 60,688 m2, housing approximately 164,640 square meters of commercial space, over 2.5 million m2 of commercial housing, and 8,000,000 m2 of self-built houses. Accordingly, the average area is 25.6 m2 / person; Strive to 2020 is 26.3 m2 / person.

According to Mr. Dung, Hanoi completed resettlement housing with 164,640 m2 floor, equivalent to 2,134 apartments.

In addition, the city has implemented the policy of building commercial houses for resettlement according to the order mechanism to serve the project clearance in the area.

Specifically, the city has ordered commercial housing for resettlement housing with one member company Investment and Housing Development - Ministry of Defense in the land X2 Linh Dam and six other projects .

Currently, Hanoi is building social housing in five areas in Tien Duong (Dong Anh), Co Bi (Gia Lam), Ngoc Hoi (Thanh Tri), Co Nhue 2 (social housing for officers Ministry of Public Security) and Ecohome 3 (Northern District of Tu Liem).

Notably, in 2017, the Hanoi Department of Construction has submitted to the People's Committee of the City to withdraw the decision, the decision to enforce the withdrawal of 19 places at the first floor of the resettlement apartment due to violations in management, use; planned for community living spaces for 126/179 apartment buildings, and 53 apartment buildings will continue to be located.

At the same time, established state-owned business service area at 93/117 court service area, the remaining 24 are completing procedures.

Moreover, Hanoi has synthesized reports to the Standing People's Council of Hanoi on the results of the review of schools and the progress of construction projects of kindergartens and schools in urban areas together with The implementation of policies and laws on the planning of construction of social infrastructures in urban areas and residential buildings.

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