I was fooled into buying a house of 'acquaintance' with a handwritten note

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"I did not expect, bought the land of the acquaintance also sometimes cheated, lost 400 million," Thao pensive.
The following is the sharing of Mr. Bui Chi Thao, 62 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Earlier this year, I bought a house in a small alleyway on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street in Binh Thanh district. The house is about 20m2, built a ground floor, a floor, 400 million, handwritten paper.
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At first I asked the seller to finish the paperwork before buying, but the landlady - who was a friend of my nephew - did not want to do because it took a lot of time and effort to travel because now she has returned home. live. At first she claimed 500 million, then she gave me 100 million. This house has been bought by her parents since 2005, when she was at college. Until now no longer in Saigon so she decided to sell, take money back to buy land.

When buying a house, I did not get a land use certificate but was given a handwritten note, which records the house's sale and purchase history. Many old paper, yellow stains, I have no doubt.

I do not know where that house came from, the paperwork only started in 1998, when the owner of the house asked for permission to build the ward. This is the only sheet in the red book of government. Then, in 2000, they sold to another person. This person came in 2004, sold it to another person. And that other person has sold it to the girl's family. All three purchases in 2000, 2004 and 2005 are represented by a handwritten signature, signed by the buyer, the seller and a witness. She also gave me three tax receipts for the house she kept.

At that time, referring to real estate prices, I learned that the price of land in the alley in this area is about 35-40 million / m2. I went to ask a person to do the real estate services, saw to do the land red book, the total cost about 120 million. So, if I finish the papers, I still profit nearly 200 million compared to the market. So I bought.

At this time, my house is in District 8, also bought handwritten form in late 2004, is applying for the red book in accordance with the policy of the State. Therefore, I feel very comfortable buying this house in Binh Thanh. Savings 600 million, send the bank a profit of less than 30 million a year, so I want to buy a house, for people to rent, both monthly income and land.

We also notarized the sale, but because the piece of land is undocumented so the notarization does not have much meaning than to claim I gave money to her.

I pay, receive the key house half a month, not enough to rent, then two uninvited guests that come. It turns out they also bought this house, but the seller is not the same girl but the other. They also have a handwritten note, showing the history of the transfer of the house with the same content as I received, except for the name of the girl who was changed by someone else's name.

After that, I contacted her to sell her house is not anymore, the phone never hear the phone, the address on the identity card is also very general, only the name of the commune, district, province, no Specific house number. Ask her grandchildren, they say that they are the same college but never to each other. Now she also locked Facebook.

Naturally, I spent several hundred million to dispute an undocumented home. My ownership of the property as well as the other two are not legally recognized. We can only tell the police about being tricked. However, up until now, the police still have not found the person who tricked us. I could not rent the house because of course, the other two victims also did not agree to let me rent the house.

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