I buy a house when only one eighth of the money

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At times, Huong still dare not believe that she has bought a house in Hanoi, when only more than 100 million.
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Here is a talk about Hoai Huong's loan to buy a house in Hanoi:

My husband is a teacher, I do propaganda in a state agency. The total salary of both husband and wife is just over 10 million / month. In addition to the main income, sometimes we also work extra but not be persistent, although there are times when income from doing more work than the main. My husband teaches more, I write articles for newspapers, translate books, do part-time projects. Besides, when there is surplus, I invest gold or stocks, each surfing interest is several hundred thousand to several million.

After getting married in 2007, my wife and I have about 50 million. The parents promise us a little money if they buy a home. So, I went to see some suburban land such as Linh Nam or Ha Dong, looking for apartments for resettlement but missing more than 50% is stopping right away. In part because we are now admitted to the hospital. I love you should not take money, but I still send a million a month to eat breakfast.

It's unbelievable that the land fever has come and Hanoi's housing prices have soared, and as of 2011, the price of the same real estate property can be 2-3 times higher than the price in 2007. That makes me feel So determined to buy a home. There are, after several years, our savings are not increased, only more than 100 million, partly because I was born prison two children.

At the end of 2010, I was introduced a social housing program, priced at 13.2 million / m2. My parents promise to save me 100 million. In case of overpayment, my parents will mortgage their house in the countryside to borrow money for us. It is harder for our husbands to motivate us mentally.

By 2011, my resume was approved. When I was picking up my house, I just hoped to get the smallest house to help with the money but at last I hit a house of over 60m2. Soon after, we have to pay 20% of the value of the house. Our parents' money and our money is over. Step one, we got through easily.

After three months, we have to pay 10%. At the moment, my money is in the form of stocks whose prices are falling. My fellow co-workers find it advisable not to sell the stock right now that you give us a loan. In addition, I borrowed two more girlfriends a gold tree (about 40 million). As soon as my stock went up, I immediately sold the money back to my colleague.

The third time, 10%, I continue to borrow the acquaintance. Before the deadline to pay 10 days, I ask everyone, precaution not to lend the bank also. I also said that I will borrow a bit longer. Actually I have 10 million online savings but I do not dare to take care of the sick baby, when needed can be used immediately. Fortunately, after I struck out with 10 people, there were 5 lenders, 80 million of which were settled.

By the way, by mid-2012, we were getting home. The project is behind schedule, so we will be able to go home until 2013, so I can relax the progress of the payment. In addition, making money on a home loan many times makes it easier for me to borrow.

It is up until we receive the house and pay 95% of the value of the house to the owner (5% waiting for the red book will be closed), I have to borrow a total of 120 million bank loan Of the couple, not to the parents mortgage home village). I borrow more than 20 relatives, friends the rest. I keep a notebook with each name, loan amount, loan date and payment date so that I do not forget. I did not dare to borrow too much for fear of disturbing them. Because people give me small loans of 5, 10 million, most people are a gold tree so no one to take interest, mainly help me husband and wife is the main. I still remember as I had two brothers who had little contact with my spouse but when we heard we were short of money to buy a mortgage, immediately offered us a loan.

By the end of 2013, after paying 95% of the rent to the owner, my wife and I began repaying our creditors. I would prefer to pay in the following order: people are in need of money and the bank first, then to the lesser lender (because it will pay easier), finally the lender is big money. When someone insists urgently, I will borrow someone hot to pay. Many people give me a debt many times, that is, after I pay them all, when I need money, they lend again. I always try to keep prestige, if promised to pay any day will pay for it so people are also assured me to borrow.

To date, I have paid off the bank debt and only owed the interest of about 100 million. My family is not too o pressed life, just know how to save. For example, eat breakfast at home or eat bread, sticky rice for cheap; I did not travel to the countryside during the summer, but sent my children back to my hometown for grandparents support ...Of course, there are times when I dive into phone calls asking for a loan, borrowing one to pay the other. Sometimes I feel stuck because of being rejected. But in the end I found myself fortunate to meet a good acquaintance. And if I did not have to wait until I got close enough money, perhaps I would never buy a house in Hanoi.

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