How to solve the problem of social housing?

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The national housing development strategy determined that by 2020, 250,000 apartments will be built in the country to serve the needs of urban centers in industrial parks and cities. Meanwhile, statistics in the local, by 2020, the country needs about 1 million apartments (about 50 million m2 floor).
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Experts estimate that it is difficult to achieve the above targets. As of November 2016, the country completed 179 NTPX projects (71,150 units) in urban areas and industrial parks, reaching 28% With norm. So what is the cause?
Low income people, poor households are major guidelines of the Government regulated by Decree 100/2015 / ND-CP. Previously, to solve this urgent, the Government has launched a package of 30 trillion VND with preferential interest rates both buyers and investors. Then, in June 2016, the Government issued Decision No. 1013 / QĐ-TTg, supporting poor and low-income people who bought NINH TRE with social policy loans at preferential interest rates, but had expired at the end. 2016.
So far, due to the lack of preferential capital so many investors are not keen on the project to build the social climate is easy to understand. According to them, although the Government offers many incentives: land use levies, VAT tax ... but control prices and profits do not exceed 10% ... so businesses are not really excited. This is because business efficiency is not feasible.
It is equally important that, since the Government's 30 trillion dong support package has expired, the amount of apartments in NXH projects has been stagnant, although investors have provided capital support when Selling and demand of low-income housing in big cities, industrial parks increased sharply. Thus, because of lack of financial capacity to own NEXT so the apartments in the project moisture, no customer is understandable.
Experts said that in the condition of large-scale mechanical migration to big cities, the demand for electricity is increasing. If the government does not have specific and long-term mechanism, the problem of climate change will be complicated. than.
According to the business people, in order to solve the future problem, in addition to financing solutions, the Government should allow the provinces and cities directly under the central government to approve and license the project in the area. In accordance with standards, through the correct advice of the authorities.
In addition, the Government and all levels and sectors also study and continue to have adequate policies to provide financial support to low-income and poor households to purchase long-term NTPX.

Duc Tam (Labor)

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