Hanoi - Social housing How much cost?

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Social housing apartments 100 million recently announced Pacific were the provinces of attention. Ho Chi Minh City has held research even ultra-cheap model of this type. And Hanoi, many construction businesses also were interested in this story, but no less disturbed.

The forecast for 2017, the segment of affordable housing real estate market in Hanoi (real estate) will remain the top ten markets. The apartment is priced around 1 billion are always welcome buyers. Because the price of apartments is so well suited to households with a total income of 15 million / month or more.
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As reported by the Association of Real Estate Vietnam, in 2016 and well into 2017 demand for social housing is priced in the range of 750-800 million is huge. The time for the market supply of new apartments this type can only meet about 20%.
And figures from the Ministry of Construction said that, by 2020, the country needs about 250,000 apartments, but so far, new resolve about 28% of demand. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the two heads of social housing needs. However, from now to 2020, Hanoi was only 40 social housing projects estimated to provide nearly 3.3 million square meters. This number is different from the needs of the market.
So from 2017 to 2020, forecast cheap apartments will be one of the attractive segments of the real estate market in Hanoi.
With such a situation, may ask questions of Hanoi have to follow and do apartments cost 100 million units as of the Pacific or not? People living in Hanoi can accept flat with super cheap price like that?
First of all, need to find the necessary and sufficient conditions to build such super cheap price apartments in Binh Duong: According to some experts built in Ho Chi Minh City, the construction of such apartments should converge the four basic criteria. First, the construction business is not subject to any costs of land, such as compensation, land use fees, fees for investment in infrastructure; secondly, the only area of ​​the apartment about 25 square meters (built about 4 million / square meter); Tuesday, the apartment building attached to the east where workers live that export processing zones and industrial parks; Wednesday, the provincial government, the city has ground to put high determination for the planned construction of the super cheap. In addition, apartment prices will depend on economic conditions, cultural and economic conditions of each locality anymore ...
If Hanoi satisfy four criteria mentioned above, the construction business Hanoi can also be a super cheap so. "The problem here is that output has solved or not? Such products have a really high liquidity or not, "one investor has built thousands of social houses in Hanoi fret. A lot of factors relating to prices, "output" of products such as location, quality, convenient living ...
Conversely, there is also the idea that, just select the appropriate location, such as the industrial park away from the center of Hanoi, 20km or older can do, of course, the condition of City land fund spent for it. Here, this is not a condition to pay attention to the speed of Hanoi is urbanizing rapidly, developing transport with several bus routes to the suburbs as well. This has caused land prices in Hanoi are always reached higher than the other provinces. That is why leaders of some other businesses that could hardly be a $ 100 million apartment in Hanoi.
Also why land prices in Hanoi too high, an important reason for the needs of homebuyers in Hanoi demanding than the place quite on the accompanying service apartment. And when the house is too low, the degree of perfection or utility business hardly meet the requirements of buyers.
So, to Hanoi, cheap to many as just? The worry for low-income housing is correct but need to consider the "peace industry" to further their vision can not build cheap housing and 10-15 years later, these apartments again become the "slum" as the old apartment before. Therefore, if really determined to do affordable housing should be at the price of 500 million to 1 billion / unit because of the fact, the needs of the real estate market in Hanoi is located in this segment.
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