Hanoi: Many resettlement projects "deserted", home but not home

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The relocation of the resettlement house does not match the living conditions of the people who have cleared their houses for the project ... are one of the reasons why many houses are vacant in some places, There are civil projects that do not come home.
Hundreds of resettlement apartments in Hanoi have not yet been allocated, including projects that have been basically completed but have been abandoned for many years.
Anyone across the street Ta Quang Buu (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) are surprised in front of a block of more than 20 storey apartment building is quite spacious uninhabited. This is a resettlement project with nearly 150 apartments invested by Housing Development and Investment Corporation. In 2015, the investor continues to complete the project after many years of hiatus but now has not been put into use.
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About 150 people resettled in Ta Quang Buu street (Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi) by investors and investors Development House remains ... deserted for many years.
All three block CT1 A, B, C of the Exchange City Resettlement Area (Northern Tu Liem, Hanoi) have been put into use since 2014, but still sparsely populated. Many flats are still locked or sealed. The residents said that due to the poor quality of the apartment building, leaks, lifts or damage ... many people do not want to live in.
Remarkably, the Hoang Cau resettlement apartment complex with 4 CT2A, CT2B, CT2C and CT3 buildings has basically completed the number of residents in modest. Many apartments for sale with diplomatic rates are introduced in detail, with very high selling prices from 29-30.5 million m2. At the same time, the original price of resettlement units is only VND14.5-16 million / m2.
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Hoang Cau (Ha Noi) apartment for sale is selling apartments at double the original price.

Specifically, Apartment No. 6, 10th floor, CT2A building has an area of ​​over 73m2, the original price is 15.466.638 million m2, the price is 30.5 million m2. Thus, this apartment is twice as high as the resettlement price, equivalent to 1.1 billion.
A broker said, if buying customers just pay the difference and sign the contract, the principal will pay to the state when the decision to hand over the house. Even brokers who offer their services, who pay only 760 million dong, will receive immediate housing, the rest will be paid within 10 years at a fixed interest rate of 3.6% per annum.
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The Exchange City Resettlement Area (Northern Tu Liem, Hanoi) was put into use in 2014, but still very sparsely populated.

One of the reasons why many relocated residences are vacant is that the quality of houses is too poor and not suitable for many people after clearance.
Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, former director of the Department of Housing Management and Real Estate Market (Ministry of Construction) analyzed, according to the law is to have a house for people before they can move people to liberate ground. Thus, if the pre-made housing for the people is good.
"However, the reason why vacant houses are vacant is not suitable for the living conditions of the land clearers. For example, people in the clearance area of ​​Tay Ho district but arranged resettlement to Ha Dong, or clearance in My Dinh, but the resettlement people to Gia Lam ... a few dozen new kilometers It is not appropriate to go to the place, so people do not receive resettlement or receive neither is it, "he analyzed Ha.
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Many resettlement residences in the City Exchange are still sealed, unoccupied.

Therefore, according to the former head of the Housing Management and Real Estate Market Department, it is necessary to comply with the Housing Law, gradually move towards marketization in the field of resettlement, satisfactory cash compensation, The house is suitable with the conditions of the people.
"There are still" bundles "that are collecting and returning houses but even worse quality, no schools, no markets, no roads ... then no one can stay torch. This is a constraint in the policy of compensation for land clearance now, "Ha said.
In the coming time, Hanoi aims to complete the ground clearance of about 2,700 projects with a land acquisition area of ​​nearly 6,000 hectares, involving more than 80,000 households. The amount of compensation, support about 60,000 billion, need to arrange resettlement for more than 19,000 households. This shows that the demand for resettlement fund in Hanoi is quite large and the recurrence of vacant status, the people do not return to the present as it is a huge waste!

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