Hanoi has so building "super cheap"?

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Hanoi will consider structural adjustment floor area of ​​commercial housing, social housing, ... in order to diversify products, to remove difficulties for enterprises and boost the real estate market capital.
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Diversification of products to promote the real estate market capital. Artwork
To ensure development goals nearly 3.6 million m2 of commercial housing, 161 290 m2 of social housing and resettlement housing 152 480 m2 in 2017, Hanoi continues to implement policies regulating real estate owners Government's policy stipulated in Decree No. 99/2015 / ND - CP.
Accordingly, the competent authorities that the city will consider structural adjustment floor area of ​​commercial housing, social housing or consider allowing adjustment of the investment project to build housing as social housing housing or resettlement serve to diversify the product, remove difficulties for enterprises and boost the real estate market capital.
Develop diversified housing products
Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Construction Nguyen Tri Dung said, to actively respond to the social housing fund, the city has agreed to approve the policy of building social housing 4 focus and is now assigned to the investors planning details.
That's two residences in Tien Duong Commune, Dong Anh District (73,23ha); 1st Co Bi commune, Gia Lam (39,12ha); 1 commune, Ngoc Hoi district, Thanh Tri District (41,52ha).
After the plan is approved, the city will organize the selection of investors, promulgate mechanisms and policies to support the implementation of the project. According to the plan, from now to 2020, Hanoi will have 40 social housing projects, with nearly 3.3 million m2 of housing.
Most recently, the Hanoi People's Committee has approved the partial adjustment scheme detailed planning 1/500 Urban Area Thanh Lam - Dai Thinh 2, at 6 plots are determined to build social housing Meeting with 9 story building height, this was revised downwards to 6 floors height.
Adjustment region has an area of ​​about 52.367m2, with a population of 3,150 people.
According to the Hanoi People's Committee, the purpose of adjusting the plan is to ensure viable projects in line with the demand for housing in the region, facilitating access to use for low-income people; at the same time speeding up the implementation of the project, contribute to improving the urban areas.
On the other hand, in the segment of commercial housing, the Hanoi Department of Construction has announced a list of 113 real estate projects in the future formation eligible to be traded under the regulations. In it, there are large-scale projects with thousands of apartments, concentrated mainly in the districts such as Tu Liem Nam, Bac Liem Hoang Mai, Thanh Xuan, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay ...
According to Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung, the Department has written requires investor test, check all the commercial housing projects in the province, reported the Department prior to 16/02/2017.
At the same time, the Department is also planning to conduct a review of legal documents related to the management of the real estate business and compare it with the provisions of the Law relating to the proposed adjustment in accordance with the city nail.
In 2017, the Department continued to complete regulations on new construction renovated old apartment house to the City People's Committee issued after the City Council adopted a resolution on the mechanism frame.
According to leaders of the Department of Civil Engineering, in parallel with the development of housing, especially social housing for low-income people, the Department will focus on directing the relevant units improve the efficiency of management and use of the condominium.
Department continues to examine and supervise District People's Committee, wards, communes and towns, investors, and units assigned to manage and operate the condominium accelerate held a conference to establish the condominium board Tri.
Currently, a total of 166 resettlement buildings, units assigned to manage the operation of the newly established 21 of 23 Moderators building.
Therefore, the Department will focus on building regulations on management and use of funds earned from leasing operations for the area of ​​business services at the condominium resettlement to carry out maintenance this housing fund.
Besides, the Department coordinated the districts will test the management and use of the apartment ensure proper commercial uses; Auction organizers leasing services business area in the apartment houses and resettlement of empty places not allocated for use; the area of ​​business services at Level 1 and other areas of the commercial condominiums have handed over to the city after the establishment of the State property.
Hanoi has so building "super cheap"?
Referring to the problem of Hanoi should build condominiums cheap (100 million / 1can) serves low-income subjects as Binh Duong and HCMC. Ho Chi Minh or not, many building professionals in Hanoi said that with the advantage of being the capital, is the "heart" of the country, Hanoi is creating all conditions of the policy, the policy of the Party and State country.
Moreover, it also focuses more engineers, qualified professionals skilled, high-tech as well as companies, large enterprises, should the deployment of affordable housing construction is relatively favorable.

According to experts, to get social housing fund, in addition to the determination of the leaders of the city and the project will now be entitled to incentives such as land not bear the cost of (compensation, land use fees); infrastructure investment and an area of ​​about 25 m2 apartment.
In particular, the social housing must be associated with cheap also crowded places such workers residing export processing zones and industrial parks. However, some experts, businesses are also concerned about the implications of this type of housing, "super cheap" is.
Some analysts, the construction of cheap housing will increasingly attract more immigrants, especially manual labor of working capital. The pressures of overpopulation leads to social infrastructure, technical infrastructure is increasingly not meet, arising more complex environmental, social ...
Or lead a real estate company also said that should not be encouraged to build houses in the capital of 100 million. Of city resources to focus on other urgent matters, must be directed towards the most important goal is to change the quality of the population.
The city should regulate investors to do business parks housing for workers in order to create conditions for laborers working long assured. Or the city can build affordable housing in the surrounding industrial areas for workers hired for a special price.
The experts emphasized, to develop effective social housing segment in general or the "super cheap" in particular, the functional unit of Hanoi must examine, investigate closely to actual needs, specific for each region for distribution, construction layout appropriate projects, avoid vendor not the buyer, the seller did not have the "brick lined."
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