Hanoi: 430,000 m2 of social housing will be built

19/01/2018   Viewed: 814
According to the Hanoi Construction Department, in 2018 TP will build an additional 11 million square meters of housing. Of which, social housing (NXXH) is 430 thousand m2, resettlement house 348 thousand m2, commercial housing 2.1 million m2 ...
nha o xh tăng gia2

In 2017, the total area of new housing development in the city will be about 11 million m2, of which, there will be only 60,000 m2, the resettlement house will be about 164 thousand m2, the commercial housing will be over 2.5 million m2. m2, the rest are houses built by the people themselves. TP is deploying commercial housing for resettlement in accordance with the ordering and construction of centralized residential areas in Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Thanh Tri and Bac Tu Liem to ensure synchronous technical infrastructure. Assembly.

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