Ground pour windows - a safe investment channel and effective

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According to the mentality of many Vietnamese, ground red book is always a safe investment channel profitable and attractive. However, not everyone can afford to own a piece of land that I like that in the city, where land scarcity and rising prices. Therefore, many investors are looking to the city fringe areas to seek opportunities.
Forecast of coastal land

Compared to the apartment, land segment is currently favored by many liquidity and higher profitability. Besides, owning land residential red book, the owner is also the time to actively decide to build houses.

The fact that land segment in the city are scarce product, offering new projects can be counted on the fingers, most of the products traded on the market is the secondary investors to buy resale with excessively high prices. According to the survey, the price of land investment projects are good infrastructure near Cat Lai port at around 19-33 million / m2, some areas of District 9 ranged between 18 - 25 million / m2. Coastal areas adjacent to Dong Nai and Binh Duong, land prices are trading from 7-9 million / m2.

High land prices make investors less money or ordinary people need housing almost inaccessible. This caused many people to look to areas such as Long Thanh, Nhon Trach ... looking to buy land. But City is located adjacent, growing infrastructure, to easily connect quickly with the development of key areas, but land prices here are much cheaper. Therefore, the value-added potential, profitable for investors in this huge area.

As an investor specializing in "hunting" ground, Nguyen Manh Cuong (Binh Thanh District), said previously he mainly bought land in District 9, HCM City's Thu Duc to but land prices moderate then, prices increases in a certain range so both safe and easy earnings. But now, land prices have been pushed up too high, want "to hand" immediately for profit is not easy.

Meanwhile, not far from District 9, Long Thanh area are opening up attractive investment opportunities with information Long Thanh International Airport will soon start the construction and construction traffic is connected to HCMC. "I began buying land in a third floor facade project on Highway 51 and very close to Long Thanh International Airport to welcome the opportunity but not the total investment by a small ground in the City, to be split played many times should not be difficult to arrange financing, "Cuong said.
Dat nen so do kenh dau tu an toan hieu qua

Legal Caution

In the opinion of experts in real estate, land investment opportunities awaiting City outskirts price increases in the long term is a wise investment, high profitability, but also many risks. Before deciding to "put money" on this segment, investors need to carefully calculate many factors such as the reputation of the investor, particularly planning and legal to be clear, transparent ...

According to the understanding, at this time, a project in which customers can refer to commercial urban area Airlink City, by the Vocational Training Ltd - Investment real estate development and construction Geodesy Milky as an investor; Investment Joint Stock Company Asia Land and Real Estate Company Medium fingertips distribution cooperation.

Representing Asia Land said the selling price of only Airlink City from 390 million / background, applying extended payment method and buyers are banks lending support to 70% of the contract value. In particular, this is a rare project individually separated red book trading platform, customers complete peace of mind about legal.

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