Green living space in the 'sky garden'

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Applying the "sky garden" prevalent in many developing countries in Vietnam, investors real estate projects create green living space for residents.
Before building density situation more and more, green space shrinking, noise pollution and air ... rise, many people look to the apartments close to nature, spacious and airy.

To create living spaces close to nature, many investors chose to "sky garden", putting them into real estate projects. Thanks to advanced construction technology, the garden is no longer a green space on the ground floor to be taken up residents living spaces clean and green color are flooded.
Vườn trên cao hình xoắn ốc độc đáo tại một khu chung cư của Đức
Sky garden unique spiral in a German apartment.
Worldwide, Waldspirale German is one of the "sky garden" fame, attracting a large number of people as well as tourists. This is a comfortable apartment with a spiral garden, shrubs and grass on a spiral-shaped terrace extends from level 1 to 12.

Besides, Acros sky garden is like a pyramid rises between Fukuoka City, Japan. 14-storey building is tilted roof covered with greenery, each roof like a forest with a variety of plants to a waterfall.

In addition, Kaiser Roof Garden Gardenm in California (USA); Roof Gardens Kensington Gardens in London (UK) or Namba Parks in Osaka (Japan) ... as well as the outstanding works to meet the needs of the residents live peacefully.

In Vietnam, this model is also more investors into the project in order to take up an area of ​​green space in the building for apartments. In Hanoi there are many projects to build only about 20% of the remaining 80% for utility systems with greenery, promenade, the place to rest, relax ...

Khu vườn xanh trên tầng mái của một tòa chung cư ở phía Nam Hà Nội
Green rooftop garden of an apartment building in the south of Hanoi.
In particular, projects in Thanh Xuan district Imperia Garden also attract more customers to the apartments' garden in the city ". Here, high above the garden is arranged on the roof of the building, which at the 8th floor of the project also have lawns, gardens and promenades.

In Ha Dong district project also attracted buyers by the unique sky garden. Here, two garden greenery hanging from the buildings connected to each other, become a "haven of rest" for the residents of the project separately.

In the future, the area south of Hanoi also has Imperia Sky Garden project under this model. Living here, everyone will enjoy the fresh air, tranquility and harmony with nature.

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