Feng shui master 'pulse' of real estate markets in 2017

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Master Lynn Yap is famous feng shui master, president of consulting firm in Singapore 3P feng shui forecast full-year Dinh Dau is "challenging". This year, the executive branch will fire a favorable business and business executive branch Moc difficult.

Master Lynn Yap forecast year 2017 is difficult to make money, many of us will always find "insufficient funds."

- Gold price will fluctuate erratically, it is difficult to predict the trend of gold price fluctuations.

- Regarding oil prices, continued to increase slightly but will remain stable until the end of the year.

- Regarding currencies, the US dollar continued to hold strong.

- Real estate, real estate prices this year may be reduced / stabilized over the previous year. This is the best time to invest in housing and land.

On the stock market, share prices on the stock market volatile and unpredictable, down around September and October (lunar). Shares of Mercury will now issue the strongest price increases.

There is stiff competition in the executive branch, "Kim" as between banks, and between the jewelry store, iron and steel industry, the motorcycle industry, space industry, industrial robots.

There is a change in the management of the Bank, Iron and steel industry, Aviation .... The purchase and sale / merger (M & A) will happen more in the executive branch Kim.

Industry "cash in" in Dinh Dau

Except for the executive branch is forecast Martian restaurant jobs, and business executive branch Moc Dinh Dau difficulties in remaining in the executive branch Earth, Metal, Water, are predicted to be "average".

- Fire executive branch: electrical products, securities markets, restaurants, lighting equipment, fast food, confectionery and accounting.

- Executive branch Turkey include real estate, human, pets, cosmetics, innovative companies, agriculture, insurance, construction, cosmetic surgery.

- Kim executive branch, including: banking, machinery and equipment, law, divination, trading in gold, silver, steel, automobile and aeronautics - universe.

- Hydro executive branch, including: Internet, information technology, consulting, transportation, transport, distribution, tourism, lottery, cold drinks, hotels, shipbuilding, Broadcasting, Oil, lent , airlines, gambling, advertising, online games, online business ...

- Carpentry executive branch, including: government, printing, organizing events, education, textiles, paper, wood and furniture, fashion, politics, health, hair care, photography, books.
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