Extremely serious when recorded in the red book!

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For a long time, the paper bearing the name "red book" with many families has always been the biggest asset, even the biggest asset, which is most likely to cause the most controversial litigation in many civil relations, including in the intestinal system.
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Beginning on 05/12/2017, the red book of households no longer only spelled names of husbands and wives, but all members sharing the land use rights and assets on the land. This is required in the Circular No. 33/2017 / TT-BTNMT issued by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

In both the sense and the affair, the transparency of property, including in a family, is very necessary, because the quiet time is not good, but when "rice is not healthy, not sweet soup" to be born I lost you.

However, separate with the red book is different with many other properties such as tools say "vegetables with fish, baby with". Because this is a legal certificate of land use right and property on land ...

... It is a huge asset that does not easily divide, tally and also has the opportunity to force every household to divide, tally. Next, this type of property is likely to continue to "multiply" over time and under the investment of money, effort of each member of the family.

Now, according to the new regulations, these members are given the name "shoulder" each other in a huge property value. This is something that households and authorities should carefully consider and carefully consider when recording these members in the red book. If not, I will "lose you lost" right from the red book to the family.

By the way, please note that under Article 212 (2) of the Civil Code, "the possession, use and disposition of common property of family members shall be effected by agreement. In case of disposing of assets which are real estate or registered real estate, the property being the main source of income of the family must be agreed upon by all family members who are competent adults. full civilian ".

Therefore, the authorities can not decide to "help" the households in the agreement.

Member of National Assembly Nguyen Chien (Vice President of VBF) commented: "We are implementing administrative reform, so if a new regulation introduces additional troublesome procedures For the people and causing difficulties and embarrassment to the competent State authorities, I think that it is necessary to thoroughly study the law so that it actually enters into life. "


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