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ICT times as at present, has a habit, before the sale, almost anyone to type 'Google' for the price survey. The purchase and sale of real estate, especially apartments, too, just type the name of the project is to introduce a series of websites, offering ready. However, real estate is a great asset, so buyers need to thoroughly understand what the right choice and that suits you.

Nguyen Uyen are required to buy a condominium in the area or Tam Trinh Minh Khai Street (Hanoi) - which are a series of new real estate projects, so she dimly on several websites that specialize in buying and selling real estate research, find out, figure out.

After learning she picked a building at 75 Tam Trinh and pick up the phone to call the phone number for sale several apartments were watching before.

As far as advertising brokers, owners of apartments she bought the notes are also tens of percent of the apartments have not yet paid the delivery deadlines adjacent home so they sell 'stop-loss'.

Even, according to brokers, the prices given below the original purchase price from the investor. But after a few dating, ending the calendar, it's time to go see the home phone number of transactions, the brokers have gone out. So she had no chance Uyen buy apartments at prices 'soft' from the landlord wants to 'cut loss'.

A broker after hearing the story, said it was a local ad sales market is rather good today, very unlikely that sell lower than cost up to several million per square meter.

Specifically, in order to attract customers with price, brokerage army can offer a price very 'nice'. After having agreed to direct visitors to easily persuaded, they turned out product placement criticized recently hailed as negative towards the door, a few downsides ... to 'example' buy other apartments.

Even where the broker prices on offer have been broken apart as 10% value-added tax, or even 2% warranty ... so price per square meter has dropped a few million.

Brokers witnessed convincing new home buyers find what they're available apartments and want to sell it products are very good, very nice and very reasonable. So smart buyers need in the new calculations give the most accurate choice.
mua chung cu2
Buy the same time technology, easy idea that it is not easy
This ancient Vietnamese people still have the notion 'that church sacred - have abstained had healed' and go buy apartments the more 'realistic' this. There are clients just like the story of 'born' to be counted styled birth - aging - disease - death. 5th floor is the floor means beautiful and so count up with this type of ladder.

Therefore, in order to sell the apartment on the 4th floor, the broker citing the building adds a technical floor, so the floor is a new 4-storey 'born'. Difficult customer still blame the whole basement was also invoked to count according to feng shui ladder.

Just like the number 13, but many people do not like, the investor also enchant 'god' by cachdanh avoid like mounting number of 12A, 12B. Anh Manh Cuong owns a flat on the 13th floor in a condominium located on Tam Trinh, said that 13 is a lucky number for his family.

Since the 13th floor prices are usually 'soft' more, but after time to the residents, investors and the press change in apartment elevator and the floor 12B. Anh Cuong shared, because he did not buy in to the number 13 abstinence do.

Actually when transactions of apartments, the number 13 is often removed as a condition of 'dim' the price was in fact, if you keep the thousands of apartments abstain to put all 13 floors?

In choosing to buy the apartment, as well as a balcony oriented elements are of primary concern. Southeast is the direction in which many customers preferred, but not always respond apartments criteria. Moreover, even choose the direction towards doors or balconies, the user must also be 'counted' to suit the age of the home.

However the downside of such a balcony towards the west window (hot in summer), the Northeast (cold in winter) are now overcome by the market of building materials, furniture and equipment highly developed and diversified.

Thanks to the soundproof glass box, insulation combined with opaque curtains so blemishes are hot or cold air can be overcome. Many families also planted the vines very beautiful sun on the balcony friendly to handle the weaknesses of the apartment.

A further experience for visitors to buy a condominium that go directly to survey the area, even, hard well water sit for more interesting stories, from pricing to the product's good-bad .

Just a few wandering in the project area, buyers can appreciate and feel the infrastructure in this neighborhood, especially during peak hours. In addition to traffic jams - the general condition of many urban areas today, the flood story should also be noted.

Sometimes these projects a little far from the center of inconvenience if not necessarily well connected investor transport system or the whole regional infrastructure with multiple synchronization utility such as schools, swimming pools, cinemas. .. So, the buyers usually choose the location of the apartments attached to the criteria is near work and e

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