Early treatment delayed 500 project in Ho Chi Minh City

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Although the leadership of Ho Chi Minh City has demonstrated determination recovery projects delayed, however, until now, the city is still more than 500 projects "hang" make it difficult for the life and production of thousands of households.
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Although the leadership of Ho Chi Minh City has demonstrated determination recovery projects delayed, however, until now, the city is still more than 500 projects "hang" make it difficult for the life and production of thousands of households.
Uncultivated fertile lands
It has been nearly 10 years, his family Cao Van Phat (53 years old, live in Tan Thoi Nhi Commune, Hoc Mon district) have to live on the land makeshift thousands m2 wide which his father left. Previously, this land which is fertile and lush plants should be grown, high yielding.
But when his family and thousands of other farmers know about land and houses located in the area planned to implement the project Urban International University, the cultivation faced many difficulties. He did not dare to invest Phat what perennial crops, for harvest high lest the recovery will not be compensated, it takes both capital and interest. To survive, some people here only some vegetable cultivation short days; fallow others go elsewhere to make a living.
According to Hoc Mon district administration, the project Urban International University has implemented slowly disturb the lives of thousands of households by the size of this project up to 900 hectares, which is almost a full social area Tan Thoi Nhi. The project by Berjaya Land Berhad of Malaysia, Indonesia as an investor, the city was granted an investment license in 2008, but after nearly 10 years, until now the project is still only on the drawing board.
Similarly, Tran Van Trai (Ban Bau hamlet, An Nhon Tay Commune, Cu Chi District) said that for many years people have lived in the village struggled for land and houses have been planned for implementation Saigon Safari Park project 485 hectares wide by company Limited Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens as an investor.
He suggested that the city needed to implement the project soon, if not feasible, people should return to production, economic development. People's lives are stable economic development, now being pulled down to poverty. Not only the new suburban projects suffer from "hanging" at the county are high-speed urbanization, land prices skyrocketed as Thu Duc District 2, people also have to suffer because of the project "blanket cover".
Specifically, the project Tam Binh Residential 2 (Quarter 2, Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc District) approved the planning since 2003 but has yet to be implemented. Hundreds of households in the planning, "Long Neck" project awaiting implementation. Ga Binh Trieu Project (Hiep Binh Chanh ward, Thu Duc district) approved since 2002, but so far are in the process of allocating capital to implement.
Latest statistics show that District 9 People's Committee, in the district has 200 hectares of land belonging to the project is in a state of "blanket". Most of them are the projects of the universities (University), specialized schools and colleges, dormitories. Specifically: University of Architecture: the size of 40 hectares, 50 hectares of the College of Economics, University of Law 30 hectares, 15 hectares Marketing University, the Conservatory of the city of 20 ha, 9 ha Judicial Academy, School Staff training city ​​education sector 5 ha, College and University, Nguyen Tat Thanh 14 ha, College of Finance and Customs 21 ha ... Among these projects, so far only the University of Law was established to implement the project profile, while some other schools have yet to implement the relevant legal procedures despite being in Ho Chi Minh city People's Committee allocated.
Resolutely withdraw

Statistics of the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City showed that currently there are more than 1,200 citywide projects are deployed in force. However, as many as 502 projects are in the status "covering projection, blanket cover", accounting for 41.18% of the projects in the province. Many of these projects have started a dozen years, but still "war plan property."
An assessment of the project causes crashes, Director of the Department of Construction Tran Trong Tuan said that there is now reason to pause to assess the needs of the market, but the most fundamental is still due about now having capital. Vice Chairman Ward 28, Binh Thanh Nguyen Van Binh said: Currently, people's difficulties are related to the construction and repair of houses. Also due to planning that people caught in the separation plot, certificates of land use rights and land use purpose conversion to residential use. To the ward like local people, yearn planning soon be implemented to relative stability and peace of mind early in life.
Talking to the press, President Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong said the municipal People's Committee's view is not accepted the project was licensed, but delayed and prolonged, affecting the people live. The authorities recently tested, handling specific projects and t

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