Disneyland" in Vietnam - Many hitters fanned ambitions.

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A wave of investment in the area of ​​entertainment going on in the frantic famous tourist destination, many projects worth trillions of dong have been completed and under construction.

Gold mines left open

This investment trend has proved a huge attraction at the famous tourist destinations such as Las Vegas (USA), Genting (Malaysia), Lan Kwai Fong (Hong Kong) and Pattaya (Thailand) ... has contributed to tourism revenues in these countries are in the tens of billions of dollars.

In Vietnam, many big names have also targeted this model long. However, there are also people who succeed and those who fail. A fertile soil is considered a "gold mine" billion but so far this new investment trend really exploded with the strong development of the tourism industry.

In the past years, people often known entertainment areas are considered major "disneyland Vietnam" as Ba Na Hills, parks Group Asia Park recently Sungroup or Vinpearl Land, Safari zoo in Phu Quoc of Vingroup.

But according to many industry experts, only a few large play area in Vietnam is too little, not a potential value for tourism in our country. Vietnamese people are still missing the amusement park world class.

Tran Ngoc Quang said, General Secretary of Vietnam Real Estate Association, many resorts in Vietnam today is largely investing in the demand for residential and business. With the combination of a true resort, the need for additional 2 factor is shopping (shoping), and entertainment (entertainment), it has yet to do, except for some projects of large corporations.

Meanwhile, tourists traveling not only to admire the beautiful and shelter lists, but instead they have a huge demand for entertainment. That explains why we have beautiful places, but still not attractive tourists.

Instead they travel in Vietnam, millions of Vietnamese to pour money into other countries. The statistics of the Vietnam Tourism Association, show that each year about 5 million passengers Vietnamese traveling abroad, spending about $ 6 billion (the figure for 2012 is about 3.5 billion US dollars) .
Disneyland o VN Nhieu dao gia thoi bung tham vong

Ambition "disneyland" and Universal Studios in Vietnam

Ambition "disneyland Vietnam" is not unprecedented in Vietnam, previously there have been cases of Khang Thong Group's unlisted investments to $ 2 billion for projects in the Happy Land Ben Luc (Long An). But this project was less successful, for many reasons Happy Land does not turn into a combination "super entertaining" as expected, which should narrow the scope of investment, wait.

With great potential, in parallel with the development of the tourism industry, Flames of Desire "disneyland Vietnam" to being ignited when the series "big" real estate are steep purse for this real estate segment. Not only Sungroup, Vingroup, FLC, ... to this investment model will be the new trend of the real estate giants and abroad.

Can confirm that corporations are Sungroup pioneer in this field. Looking at the project scale of tens of trillions of the group can see it. From Ba Na Hills, Park Asia Park 10.000 billion, 4.400 billion slings Fansipan, the combination of Sun World Amusement Park Halong 7794 billion, and this is the model to a Disneyland theme park and the famous Universal Studios project Kim Quy 4.600 billion in Hanoi, the cable consortium Hon Thom (Phu Quoc) and 10.000 billion resort ...

Vingroup also launched a series of projects such as Vinpearl Nha Trang earlier, Phu Quoc Vinpearl scale 170,000 m2 with the castle, shops and entertainment centers such as step out from the lovely fairy-tale world, zoo Safari or upcoming recreation area combined casino on Phu Quoc.

One other major corporations are also starting FLC "in the game" with the ambition to invest a theme park in Vinh Phuc disleyland par, worth up to 5000 billion in scale and area of ​​250 hectares is building a safari zoo scale up 200ha in Quy Nhon (expected completion in 2017).

Empire Group, a business in the country is heading for a major entertainment model in Southeast Asia by announcing investments in the 12000 billion for Cocobay Danang project, currently under construction.

Meanwhile, BRG Group is planning to partner with Sanrio's large Japanese to invest in an amusement park named Hello Kitty in Hanoi, is expected to be one of the largest theme park in Vietnam 2018. It is also expanding investment strategy of the Sanrio theme park in Asia, after the success in China and Malaysia.

With the move, leisure real estate models promises to be more exciting tourism contributes to elevate Vietnam. That would be "in the game" full appeal of real estate giants.

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