Discounts are not social housing?    

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Development 250,000 apartments to serve the poor, low-income people is the target set by the government in the strategic national housing development. However, by late 2016, a new country is about 28% done this goal. The problem is most concerned about at present related to social housing development (NOXH) is how to reduce construction costs, to the majority of employees have access.
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Social housing is still the dream
Statistics from the Ministry of Construction show that the development NOXH serve the poor, low-income people in urban areas, industrial park workers not currently meet demand, the targets set in the strategic national housing development.
As of late January 2016, the country completed the construction of 179 projects NOXH. Compared with quotas NOXH urban and industrial areas 2020 strategy set out in the national housing development is about 250,000 apartments, it is a new country solved about 28%.
Not only lack in quantity, price remains at NOXH 9-15 million / m2, quite high compared to incomes and the ability of workers, low-income people. Nguyen Kim Tuyen, a provincial foreigners living and working for years in Hanoi said that the $ 15 million / m2 in current projects NOXH height some commercial housing projects. With limited incomes of wage earners now, this price is too expensive and difficult employees can reach. He wants the government service will continue to support practical policy for the poor, low-income people get where settled soon. If prices fall below 10 NOXH million / m2, with housing dream will come closer to the poor.
Mr. Nguyen Van Lam, Chairman of the Hanoi Urban Planning said that to achieve the objective of reducing prices NOXH, the State will bear the full cost of the land, and businesses will put the money to build. However, businesses can not build that should help reduce the cost NOXH the implementation stages now offer materials, construction, design ... linked together to reduce the cost per place away part.
Performed well this is a new product last NOXH lower than the current price. If each apartment subject NOXH 400 million cost, poor mortgage amortized over 20 years, monthly mortgage repayments only about 2 million, the dream of owning a home will no longer too distant.
Besides, the State should have policies to encourage people and businesses to do the workers appropriate rents, which share responsibility for the state and active support for the workers.
Reduce house prices by synchronization solution
At a national conference on online development occurs NOXH recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has stressed, the next time the ministries, branches and localities to consider the development of investment in housing is found development. If for state employees, poor people do not have shelter, upset about the house, the country can not be sustainable development. It is the responsibility of the State, society and people. The Prime Minister also welcomed a number of enterprises have made products of good quality housing, whether it's commercial but only cost a few hundred million houses / apartments for the poor have a chance to settle choice.
Praising some localities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai ... in addressing the housing for the workers, but Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also asked leaders of business and industrial parks must care for the lives of workers, but not just interested in the development of production.
The Prime Minister also stressed that housing for low-income but not low quality and have different ways of doing NOXH, housing for workers. In particular, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Construction should promulgate regulations, standards NOXH, research and application of science and technology, using new materials to reduce cost and NOXH.
Thus, the determination of the government development NOXH local and clear. However, the development NOXH should accompany the credit support. Support package of 30 trillion just ended 2016 was considered successful when that has helped many poor, low-income people have the opportunity to buy a home, contributing to revive the real estate market.
Without the financial support of the Government, the cost of capital is high, then investors may be reluctant to participate in the project NOXH, because they only have a certain financial capacity. So, next time needed involvement, response of ministries related to development policies NOXH really come to life.
Huong Ly (New Hanoi)


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