Dinh La Thang: The city's cheap right from 40 - 60m2

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That is the opinion of the HCM City Party Secretary Dinh La Thang in social housing Workshop, commercial housing by cheap HCM City Real Estate Association held this morning (27/02).
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HCM City Party Secretary Dinh La Thang

Housing area right from 40 - 60m2

Secretary Thang said the target of the end of 2020 housing area per capita reached 19,8m2 / capita so from the housing area to the new logical 40 - 60m2. "Because of social housing we are also located in the city housing modern civilized city standards promulgated, and not new slums," said Thang stressed.

Binh Duong about studying in the development of social housing 25m2, price from 100 million / unit, Secretary Thang said the city is not applied mechanically Pacific model as unique in HCM of each different region. Article city should learn is the political will and determination of the Pacific's business to solve problems end, he stressed.

City leaders also vowed to listen to their opinions and demand of enterprises to perfect mechanisms and policies.

In it he said that the need to reduce prices by forming raw material supply chain. Specifically, the lower the cost of building materials, the application of advanced building technologies to reduce house prices. Besides, the city should offer various forms such as purchase, hire purchase, leasing to form a social housing market. For example, allowing people to transfer social housing to the right people and not wait until 5 years as at present.

Governments and businesses with fixed

According to Deputy Chairman of HCMC People's Committee Le Van Khoa, to social housing is cheap, the city must have the land to build enterprise social housing. Besides state should assist in process improvement.

As for the DoC should be the focal point a true door to solve all the problems related to procedures for businesses.

On the business side need to minimize the costs in order to lower the cost of apartments and consider profit to be able to share with buyers.

At the seminar, most of all appreciate your enterprises resolve of the city in the construction of social housing projects, commercial housing for people cheap. However, some businesses that work well for social housing today face many obstacles.

Nguyen Van Duc, deputy director of Dat Lanh Real Estate Company, said that HCM City should quickly implement social housing projects or commercial houses cheap to serve people, not to talk too much. By Mr Duc, the city ahead of the plan but later some other localities like Binh Duong, Dong Nai.

"Now is not the time we debated area of ​​apartments is much, small flat areas such as urban compaction or create slums or not. If we keep on the table, even tried to table 1 million years, the poor and homeless. Now, what to do is determined to act, and accountability, 70% of the responsibility belongs to the city leaders and the remaining 30% is now, "he said Duc.

Mr. Duc also stressed the need to work to remove obstacles to the construction of affordable housing is to accelerate the procedure, for commercial enterprises to the small area and support infrastructure investment. "Businesses will find the design of land also houses look like, what materials made of ... government should not interfere too deeply, but should decide now," said Duc noted.

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