Difficult to enforce at 8B Le Truc

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Although the violations of the 8B Le Tru have been directed to handle the dismantlement of demolition, but so far things are still difficult.

The Hanoi Department of Construction has proposed that the City allow the appointment of a contractor to consult Construction University (Construction Company) completed the dossier involved in preparing and evaluating the second phase dismantlement of the 8B Le Axis. At the same time, Phuong Bac Joint Stock Company (Phuong Bac Company) will keep the tower on the Tran Phu - Kim Ma road for demolition in the next phase.
After the delay, please stop
Phuong Bac Company (the unit that was contracted to dismantle the first phase) has sent a document to the Hanoi People's Committee and the functional agencies for the second phase of dismantling and at the same time allowed dismantlement. Tower cranes installed on the surface of Tran Phu - Kim Ma.
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8B Le Truc Photo: Nguyen Quyet
The group said it had demolished the first phase (19th floor) of 8B Le Tru Building on schedule (completed on October 27, 2016). Considering the number of offending layers, the processing has been completed. However, the owner manually adjusts the heights of the floors and does not revoke the construction permit granted. As a result, authorities continue to direct Northern Company to phase 2 dismantlement measures. Due to the complexity of the structure and structure of the building, it is difficult to propose dismantlement measures. , Almost all the columns and beams of the building should be removed.
On October 10, 2016, Phuong Bac Company sent an official proposal to the design unit of the building design and demolition project phase 2. On that basis, the People's Committee of Ba Dinh District (Hanoi) Inviting the construction company (8B Le Tru building design unit) to participate in the demolition project for the backward (level). At the same time, it approached the project proposal and then put forward the estimated fee of over 1.5 billion. If the design phase 2 dismantlement is assessed as absolutely safe, Northern Company will have a basis to complete the construction methods submitted to functional agencies.
However, to date, the design unit has not yet proposed the demolition. Progress is not satisfactory because the owner does not provide documentation. Since then, Phuong Bac Company has proposed to stop dismantling the second phase and at the same time ask to dismantle the tower crane and hoist at the construction site for fear of potential risks and unsafety to people involved in traffic. On the surrounding road as well as living in adjacent area of ​​the building.
Must comply with regulations
Prior to this proposal, according to representative of Hanoi Department of Construction, this department and functional agencies are strictly following the instructions of Hanoi Party Committee and Hanoi People's Committee on handling violations at 8B Le Truc project; The Northern Company was selected to sign the dismantlement contract for the first phase. It did not have the authority to propose dismantling, demolition, and demolition work. 2 is still normal.
Vo Nguyen Phong, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Construction, said that he had asked to keep the implementation plan and confirmed the violations of this project had been directed by the Prime Minister, Hanoi People's Committee to coerce the demolition. . Therefore, the Northern Company requires the maintenance of the tower crane and cage hoist at the site. The People's Committee of Ba Dinh District directs and urges the People's Committee of Dien Bien Ward and the Construction Company to complete the dismantling plan for the second phase. Mr. Nguyen Phong Cam, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ba Dinh District, Dealing with misconduct at 8B Le Tru Building, confirmed that there would be no stopping for enforcement, nor that the building was about to be put into operation before enforcement.

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