Development of resort real estate associated with tourism economy

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The real estate market for tourism, convalescence and projects in urban areas and cities with potential for tourism development is forecasted to grow strongly, with the participation of investors in and Outside the country, especially the overseas Vietnamese.

On the other hand, capital for the market is wider, with high proportion of FDI and domestic credit, foreign remittances are focusing on real estate projects in tourist cities. In addition, favorable locations, competitive prices in areas with potential for tourism development are indeed investors' projects of interest by the expectation of increasing profits.

Some economic experts comment, the level of interest of foreign investors in the real estate market in Vietnam is increasing. Interestingly, this interest comes from different audiences: big financial investors, overseas Vietnamese who want to buy a second home in Vietnam ... Why is this "favor"? For the market is more difficult? Causes of the overseas Vietnamese indicate, because the legal basis for the project, for the purchase, sale, transfer of houses, real estate projects on a more complete.

Specifically, the Housing Act (Amendment) actually creates conditions for overseas Vietnamese to buy houses. Liquidity of the market is also good, confirming the confidence of buyers in the market. Since then, investment demand has also been boosted. However, it is necessary to have statistics of transactions so that the market actually attracts capital from abroad. Tran Ngoc Quang, general secretary of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, said: "If the market is stable when compared with the current situation, investment opportunities in the real estate sector is still the best investment channel compared to the first channel. Others such as gold, or securities. " It is important to choose the segment to be profitable and profitable, he said.

Another factor that makes the real estate market attractive to tourist cities is that projects are usually in prime locations. The developers have also designed the project in the direction of creating optimal conditions for buyers, which means flexibility in usage priorities. These are projects with adjacent apartment units, with a variety of areas, buy for living, to invest, lease or open a corporate office or sell traditional family products.

In Da Nang, Nha Trang, ... the real estate products associated with the city of tourism, associated with green urban, intelligent. Accordingly, the developers deployed in three main product lines: intelligent apartment, smart townhouse and smart villa, ensuring living environment for residents and investors, adapting to Climate change factors that Vietnam is a major affected country.
bat dong san nghi duong

At the same time, many vacation property projects attract the attention of many investors, with the advantages of infrastructure and planning. Tran Anh Quoc Cuong, Business Director of FPT Da Nang Urban Joint Stock Company, said: "Danang is oriented towards tourism development and environmental protection. Thus, the city facilitates projects that are likely to increase green space for the city, the density and proportion of housing that ensures green spaces. Ngu Hanh Son has developed 30 resort projects as a destination with the development of medical tourism and relaxation services for the elderly. "

Thus, the real estate products bring the combination of traditional urban and modern business, perfectly suited to the general trend of the world. The main advantage, the utility of the real estate products are stimulating the investment needs of many people. Moreover, Vietnam has the advantage of the sea, the development of real estate associated with the tourism economy is increasingly considered a smart investment choice. Compared with the real estate market in the world, such as in Singapore, the real estate Vietnam is higher than the income of people. Therefore, attracting investors to this channel will also move upward in the next three years.

Weaknesses need to be improved to attract foreign investors, overseas Vietnamese are the statistics of projects, specific transactions and selling prices of real estate products and projects. Because to "talk" to work with foreigners, it is very detailed, specific and important to have the strength from the numbers. This is also the basis to introduce so many people know what is the project "destination" of Vietnam and open more opportunities for investment cooperation in the real estate field. Ms. Lieu Nguyen, Chief Representative of Real Estate Association of Vietnamese in the United States, emphasized: "Vietnam is really known by all along the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the investment real estate resort, good rest. Overseas Vietnamese are very interested in Vietnam as a place to retire, so this is an angle to attract attention and Vietnam needs numbers. "

Thus, when real estate projects thrive in tourist areas, with good facilities and infrastructure, quality real estate products are attractive places for tourists to visit. Promoting tourism development and opening up opportunities for investors to explore and cooperate with investors in real estate projects in Vietnam and this is the basis for attracting foreign capital into real estate.

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