Da Nang: Providing solutions to reduce tax losses for real estate business

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In order to prevent tax losses, Da Nang City has just issued a project to prevent the loss of tax for some high-risk sectors and occupations, including the real estate business. The project will be implemented over 3 years, from 2018 to 2020.
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Buying, selling, trading real estate is one of the areas causing tax losses most today. Illustration

Annually, basing itself on the practical situation, the tax-advantaged sectors and branches shall be adjusted and added to the scheme's contents. The Son Tra district, Ngu Hanh Son, Cam Le are selected places to implement this project first.

According to the project, the real estate business in Da Nang has been growing rapidly in both quantity and scale in some areas: Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son, Cam Le ... Many transfer projects, Transfer of capital associated with transfer of real estate, sale and transfer of apartments, villas, land, houses and land declared prices through the signing of purchase contracts, including notarized or not at the actual prices. The transfer and sale of the transfer leads to the declaration and the payable tax amount does not reflect reality, causing loss of tax.

In the form of partnership with the investor to be authorized to transfer real estate, the person authorized to mediate property transfer price does not match the market price. The amount of difference arising from the intermediary stage shall not be reflected in the accounting books, thus distorting the business results and causing losses to the State budget.

Assignment of a project together with the transfer of land use rights and cases of capital transfer leading to the change of ownership of land use rights and transfer of capital associated with real estate.

To avoid losing revenue from real estate business, Da Nang will update and adjust the land price index and coefficient of adjustment of land prices to ensure appropriate, close to market prices.

Collect information on licensed investment projects, build real estate transfer infrastructure. The progress of project implementation, tax declaration and payment by investors; Supervise and inspect tax finalization declaration dossiers of 10 to 15 large licensed projects; in which to detect and deal with cases of violation.

Continue to monitor the real estate business activities with the progress. In that focus on the projects of the investor is the business outside the province, there are investment transfer of real estate in Da Nang. Check the sale, transfer and lease of hotels, villas in the city. Provide information to the authorities when there are signs of fraud and lower than the actual transaction value.

In the coming time, the People's Committee of Da Nang city will continue to send a written request to the Ministry of Finance for comments on the amendment of the tax calculation price for property transfer according to the price list and multiplied by the adjustment coefficient.

At the same time, strengthening the leadership of the administration at all levels, the active coordination between departments in the city in the management of taxation to effectively prevent and combat tax losses in the area. .

Raising the sense of observance of tax law by taxpayers, creating fairness in fulfilling tax obligations, creating a healthy competitive environment, correcting and promptly handling wrongdoings.

In addition to the real estate business, the business of restaurants, hotels, travel business, travel services, business taxation is also one of the areas considered by the Da Nang tax collection.

According to the anti-tax collection program, 2016 inspected and checked 2,229 business establishments, processing tax arrears164.48 billion. In 2017, through inspections and inspections of 2,906 business establishments, tax collection is 225.08 billion VND.

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