Customers claim money for the project on the inspection roll

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Surprise in the list of reviews of the Ministry of Finance, so some projects are good sales progress but suddenly stopped.
Investor of a project in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi said that about 2 days, buyers are constantly calling the company claiming money after seeing the name of the project on the list can be subjected to inspection.

"Customers say we are doing business not transparent, money is full of customers but not fulfilling obligations to state agencies," the business leader said.
Earlier, in the proposal of the Prime Minister on the inspection plan for projects showing signs of violation of land law and determination of land use fees, the Ministry of Finance proposed temporary suspension of construction, if not implemented. Proper authority to hand over land without auction.
Project investors in HCM City also shared, in recent days, many customers also come to the office or call to ask questions about the legal, financial obligations of the project as well as the reputation of the business. industry.
"Customers who are considering buying a project will postpone the down payment." The buyer also questioned whether the owner did anything to make the project come to fruition. The books that have been transferred during the period reviewed by the Ministry of Finance, not the offending project, will be inspected in the future. " Representative of the investor said.
He also said that the open source licensing procedures were also approved by the city's construction industry, not the sale of "young rice" or sale to customers. Moreover, the project is progressing and selling quite well.
"Although it takes a lot of work to explain and instruct staff how to answer customers about the legal procedures of the project but not all customers understand and trust. Marketing, sales, construction of full legal procedures for the project so customers can refer to and peace of mind shopping, "said business leaders.
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The list is provided by the Ministry of Finance with reference to the inspection agency.

Although it did not affect the sales pace because the project has been completed and handed over to buyers for several months now, the owner of an apartment building in Hanoi said last week that a group of customers were fined. Around the company headquarters to ask the unit to explain about being on the list. At the same time, homebuyers also require the owner to demonstrate as well as pledge that it does not affect the interests of the customer who bought the apartment.
One of the other concerns of many investors is the proposal to temporarily suspend the construction if not properly authorized to hand over land without auction. According to business leaders, this has made customers doubt about the progress of the project, especially those who bought the house will be very confused.
In connection with this proposal, Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) has sent four proposals to the Prime Minister regarding real estate projects on the list that can be inspected. In particular, this petitioning unit still allows the investor to continue to carry out the construction project, provided that the investor must make a written commitment to fulfill the financial obligations incurred (if any) after There have been inspection and examination conclusions by competent agencies. HoREA said the proposal would allow the projects to be completed and put into use, to avoid wastefulness and to ensure the interests of homebuyers in the project.
"It also makes investors feel comfortable implementing the project, pending the results of inspections and inspections of competent authorities," HoREA said.
Regarding the interests of home buyers in the projects inspected, the HCMC Real Estate Association also proposed not to be responsible for the financial obligations incurred by the project owner, if any. By this unit, the home buyer is not at fault and has entered into and fulfilled his contractual obligation to the owner.
Mr. Phung Viet Vinh - Lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association, Director of Vinawind Law Firm said that in principle, the buyer only perform obligations in the purchase contract with the investor. Moreover, according to him, the inspection of projects under the direction of the management agency is to clarify the use of public land funds, ie between the former state-owned entity with the current owner. As for third-party buyers, protection of rights by the law and the governing body is guaranteed.
According to him, inspection and inspection activities are also common activities of management agencies. Therefore, home buyers should not be too concerned about the above information.
Previously, in a proposal sent to the Government for inspection of land management and use, the Ministry of Finance issued 60 cases of changing the land use purpose of a State owned enterprise or equitized enterprise. July 2014 to November 2016.

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