Converting houses for students and students to avoid poverty, waste

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Recently, the Ministry of Construction has sent Official Letter No. 1598 / BXD-QLN in response to the Office of the Government on changing the purpose of using 03 items of housing project for pupils and students in urban area. Phap Van - Tu Hiep, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. Changing the purpose of a project is not a complicated matter, but it is a serious lesson in thinking and vision for regulatory authorities when planning and developing urban housing strategies, Ensure the guidelines of the Party and the State.
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The efforts failed

According to a report of the Hanoi People's Committee, the project has invested in the construction of 05 housing categories: A1, A2, A3, A5, A6; The A4 building has not started yet due to not being able to clear the ground. Government bonds (VGBs) of the project has disbursed up to now is 1.133,094 billion. The items A1, A5, A6 have been handed over and put into use since February 2015; Item A2, A3 has completed the rough and partially completed, has stopped deploying due to lack of funds to continue implementation. It is worth mentioning, the number of students to stay in the project is not much (about 3,100 students in residence, reaching the occupancy rate of about 30%).

It is noteworthy that before the implementation of the project, according to the registration aggregate of the school on the number of students wishing to enter the project up to 15,000 students. The survey and synthesis of students' opinions at colleges and universities shows that some of the main reasons for the student's "attraction" to this housing project. .

One of the reasons why many students feel not really convenient is that the new building has only one bus line (60A) to serve the needs of students traveling to Ben Nam Thang Long along Ring Road III. As such, it has not met the needs of students in large training camps in neighboring residential areas in Giap Bat, Giai Phong, Dai Co Viet, Chua Boc, Nguyen Luong Bang, O Dua Market, De La Thanh ...

On the other hand, it is known that the student house Phap Van - Tu Hiep has a rental price of VND205,000 / student / month. The rental price is based on the principle of full management, operation and Maintenance (excluding depreciation costs of construction investment and land use fees). The costs of electricity and water are not included in the student's rent and are calculated according to living costs.

To overcome these difficulties, the Hanoi People's Committee instructed the Department of Transportation to study and arrange a bus route from Phap Van - Tu Hiep students' residence area along Giai Phong road to serve students, At the same time, the Department of Construction works with universities, colleges and vocational schools in the city to synthesize the demand for housing. student; To coordinate with the schools to intensify the propagation and encouragement of pupils and students to concentrate on living in this residential area.

According to the leaders of the Hanoi Department of Construction, in order to implement the plan to fill 50% of Phap Van - Tu Hiep student housing fund, the Housing Management Board has been carrying out many promotional activities to attract students. Visitors to stay in the building as: send official letters, posters, hanging banners at the training facilities; The organization distributes hundreds of thousands of flyers around the campus and a number of student residences; Coordinate with the Hanoi Youth Union to organize a free 3,000 accommodation program, free car support ... for parents and students during the 2015-2016 enrollment season; At the same time, through the programs of the Youth Union, volunteer students, compatriots of the training institutions, provinces to introduce the housing to students, students from Ha Tinh back out. , The efficiency of the attraction actually increased negligible.

Great lesson

The city has planned and planned to move universities out of the urban districts, and will also invest in the construction of housing for pupils and students in other suitable locations. With the needs and living conditions of students.

The amount of hundreds of thousands of dong per student per month of living expenses in Hanoi is not a big number with the economic problem of the large number of laborers working outside the province for their children to study in Hanoi. So what causes the project's objectives to not meet expectations? It is precisely because policy makers are just basing their demands on quantity but not on the habits of the beneficiaries themselves.

Due to the characteristics of concentrated dormitory, students do not allow students to cook in the room to ensure the safety of fire and explosion and the kitchen for students designed in the 01 floor with some objects. Students want to cook for themselves they do not like here. Some students also have the habit of using the inn to be free, convenient and flexible to use; Some students who go to work and study can not stay because of difficulties in traveling and finding jobs.

Another reason why the project has not attracted students is the system of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure around the area has not developed synchronously, lack of entertainment, cinema ... ; Meanwhile, the price of renting student houses in neighboring areas has been reduced sharply in order to attract students, especially after the residence of Phap Van - Tu Hiep students went into operation.

Notes when converting

In Item 2, Section III, Directive No. 1792 / CT-TTg dated 15/10/2011 of the Prime Minister on strengthening the management of investment from state budget and G-bond funds, Investing in projects that are being invested from government bond capital but not enough funds to be arranged must have a program and plan to call on domestic and foreign investors to invest in each project. card. The Ministry of Planning and Investment shall guide the procedures in the direction that the State withdraws all the capital invested in the project; The State contributes capital invested with enterprises to continue to invest in the project and jointly exploit it; The state transfers all capital invested in the project to the new investor. "

Based on the above regulations, in order to avoid the unfinished situation, waste of construction investment capital and at the same time solve the huge demand for social housing in the city, after the actual inspection at The project, the Ministry of Construction, is of the opinion that it is possible to consider changing the purpose of using housing items A2 and A3 from dwelling houses for students to state owned institutions. For beneficiaries of housing support policies as stipulated in the city, the city will balance the capital from the local budget to complete and put into use these items.

For the house category A4 not yet commenced, it is possible to consider and approve the conversion of the purpose of use to the NEX for sale, lease or hire purchase of low-income subjects, officials and public employees. , Civil servants ... in the mode of socialization. However, the conversion of the purpose of using items A2, A3, A4 must be reported and approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister because the project has been approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee The Prime Minister approves the portfolio of VGBs.

For proposing to apply the form of designation of investors to implement the project on conversion of the use of housing items A2 and A3 from dwelling houses for students and students to ensure the feasibility and avoidance of losses. Quickly recovering VGBs invested in items A2 and A3 to pay outstanding debts and payments for items A1, A5 and A6; At the same time, investors have chosen to implement the project of NXXH in the land not yet cleared house A4.

The program of dormitory building for students and students with VGBs in the period of 2009 - 2015 has now ended. In case of changing the purpose of using house items A2 and A3 from dwelling houses for pupils and students to social houses for low-income earners, officials, public servants and employees ... The People's Committee of Hanoi must repay the capital invested in these items into the State budget in accordance with the provisions of law, unless otherwise permitted by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly or the Prime Minister. To invest in the construction of state-owned social housing of the city.

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