Close to New Year, the real estate brokerage in the peak season

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If close to New Year time, the air working in other sectors have begun to overlap down the fun way for the New Year for the real estate sector (real estate) as close to New Year, brokers increasingly entering the high days point.
A broker named Hoa, real estate Floors (Hanoi) revealed, a few weeks time watching brokerage festival is busy with customers, especially on days 7 and Sunday.
Tet is the time when police salaries of most abundant bonuses, this is also a time when many customers have been key to the decision to finance the purchase money. Therefore, brokers often operate at full capacity these days. Do not operate at full capacity these days close to New Year, several floors in HCM City real estate also has plans to cross the New Year sales. Representing a real estate trading floor in District 8 said, the number of real estate businesses decided to cross the New Year sales tend to grow in the past few years.

The representative explained, the number of tourists flock to HCMC Tet, especially customers from Hanoi, the North more. This is an abundant source of visitors and potential infinity. In HCM City, there are projects of investment buyers who accounted for 80% of the North. Therefore, for many customers, the New Year is the time when their last trip last spring to find investment opportunities in 2016.
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Tet is the time watching real estate brokers busy with customers.
"Usually customers will choose to open restaurant on the 6th or 8th but many people choose other days because of age, with the par ... Some customers want to buy a home on the 2nd, 5th, and even 1st Year to take the spring buds, "the said.

In fact, the days of watching the Chinese New Year, the liquidity of real estate market has reached a high level, especially in the newly launched project. At the Hanoi real estate market, the official premiere project by Vingroup Vinhomes Skylake as an investor has nearly 700 apartments registered bid. This is an extremely impressive figure with any new real estate projects yet launched.

HCM City real estate market is equally exciting. For example, projects Palaza Republic announced only a few days, 90% of the apartments have owners.

Not only residential real estate, land segment resort real estate is also very high liquidity close to New Year occasion. For example, at the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation and developing investment projects Aloha (Ham Thuan Nam, Phan Thiet) has over 100 successful transactions reservations as soon as they launch. Similarly, the launch of the construction project Urban Area Marine coastal city of Vung Tau City also attracted more than 800 customers attended, 70% of the phase 1 has been successful transaction.

Real estate investors evaluate, vibrant real estate market on days close to New Year, especially in new projects is understandable. These new projects by investors after thorough preparation during 2016, right in time to prepare the goods in these projects have a potential customer base given. Therefore, as soon as the line has created excitement in the market.

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