City of house prices: Investors worried

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Townhouses land market in 2016 witnessed an increase in prices in some areas of HCMC made investors (investors) are concerned lest the high risks.
According to TT Property summary report 2016 - 2017 of the Association of real estate, apartment sale price in 2016 increased by 5% on average, land prices higher than approximately 10% depending on product type. Overall the total market in 2016, real estate prices tend to rise in most segments, regions. Compared with 2015, prices inched around 3 - 5%. The market also has growth in supply and better purchasing power at the beginning of 2015.

As noted by PV, 2016 sale price of the land segment - townhouses in HCMC and neighboring provinces have higher phenomenal difference. Specifically, the new residential project / existing (KDC) at 9, Thu Duc District, District 2 and Binh Chanh (HCM), Di An (Binh Duong) and Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai) that where price hikes up to 50% compared to the previous 6 months. In particular, a number of land projects open for sale from May 8/2016 in District 9, District 2 as KDC Golden, Long Truong KDC, KDC Khang An ... recorded the lowest growth rate of 30% over the period the end of 2015.
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High price increases in some market segments that have
and are potential risks for home buyers and the market
In fact, property prices rose uneven across the region, where increased from 30 - 50%, in some places only slightly inched 5 - 10%. Nguyen Truong Dinh, Director of International Business Five Star Group, said: "The phenomenon of price increase occurred primarily in some coastal areas of HCMC. Land segment of District 9, District 2 (East Zone) noted the high price and the fastest increase. South zone growth at around 5 - 7%, the project focuses on the beautiful location and good infrastructure, making all the CDT. "

The same point, Mr. Le Huu Khoa, Deputy General Director of Real Estate Investment Co. City said: "Depending on the region and the project, the speed increased and the increase is different .. The districts of the West Southwest and TP as Go Vap, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, District 12, District 6 and Long An provinces do not have a mutation on the increase.

According to the survey of the PV, transport infrastructure investment is the purchasing power of real estate post strong focus on coastal areas caused rising property prices in some areas and projects. However, the phenomenon of "price fever" has and is causing uncertainty for TT real estate in general.

GS.Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said: "The phenomenon of price increases appeared in projects with good infrastructure conditions and beautiful location. However, real estate prices continue to rise, predicted in 2017 that can cause fever, price and the ability to accumulate real estate bubble. "

According to Le Hoang Chau, chairman of HCM City Real Estate Association, the high price increases in some market segments that have been hidden risks for persons wishing to buy houses and real estate market. Specifically, those with real needs in difficult to access the purchase of housing, real estate speculators have increased risk. Mr. Nguyen Van Diem, chairman Ltd. Thu Thiem New Urban also said that rising prices in some areas have emerged status pin wait time investors sold high price difference to the buyer. This causes a situation where investors rushed to buy real estate prices soar as product consumption in areas less volatile prices will fall, leading to the imbalance between supply - demand.

For investors, the secondary price increases that they were concerned about the sustainability of the investment value. An investor in District 7 said, the price rose too high risk prone because the price may rise to abnormal, uncontrolled. Also, the prices rise quickly in line with the Protocol only surfing, fast profit.

However, many investors apartments and land investors today are "long - winded" should they consider quite carefully about the products and the evolution of the property market. That is why many investors choose a safe solution in the market less volatile in price or slightly increased prices by quarter / year.

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