Can Gio land price rises sharply in HCM City

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Land prices make land prices in 24 districts in Saigon simultaneously escalate in 2017, including Can Gio increased the most, soaring 170%.
Gachvang Co., Ltd has released the latest report on land prices in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017 based on the average price of each location. This study shows that the price of land in Can Gio Island District has the biggest fluctuation and the margin of price also leads in 24 districts of the city.

In particular, Can Gio ranks in the top 5 with the highest increase in land prices in Saigon, with a rate of 167.5%. The remaining positions were Cu Chi (up 140%), Binh Chanh (up 85.7%), Go Vap (up 68.9%) and Block 5 in the top 5 with district amplitude is 66.69%.

The common point of the group of provinces with the most variable land prices in Saigon in 2017 are all suburbs or suburbs of Saigon. These districts have a distance from Ben Thanh market center in the average range of 13-15km and the distance of 17-22km.
dat can gio tang
The farther the districts from the center of Saigon, the more land prices will escalate in 2017.

In addition, this report also announced the average price of districts in HCMC in 2017. The highest average land price in Saigon is in district 1 with a price of 450 million dong per square meter. This is not the highest price but the average price after using the algorithm to compare the routes in the whole district center of Saigon.

Explaining the impact at the Can Gio hot spot, Gachvang said that land prices in this island district led the group fluctuations because of the lowest prices in Ho Chi Minh City. This unit forecasts that land prices in the only coastal island district of Saigon will continue to rise in 2018 thanks to some positive information from the infrastructure.

Specifically, besides information on the construction of Can Gio bridge instead of Binh Khanh ferry, this suburban district also welcomed the high-speed train Sai Gon - Can Gio - Vung Tau began operation. This is a means of assisting the transportation of passengers combined with waterway travel, from the city center to the island district and Vung Tau becomes more convenient.

In addition, Can Gio is becoming the center of attraction of capital flows from investors from all over, including real estate agents listed on the stock market as well as small and medium enterprises. Both teams, individual investors.

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