Britain's richest private commercial real estate investors in the world

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Britain is a leading country in the world, where commercial real estate investors are becoming increasingly wealthy thanks to their business investment.
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According to Knight Frank's latest report, private UK investors have a stronger presence in the commercial real estate market and as a result they are becoming increasingly important in the real estate market. bridge.

Accordingly, 27% of the total global property transactions in 2016, involving private investors and holding 1/4 personal property in real estate investment in various forms, Except primary and secondary housing.

The report also shows that 24% of personal portfolio is allocated to real estate. As private investment is rising, organizations are realizing that these are key buyers and that they have different ways of doing business, so organizations need to be clear about how to be competitive and negotiate. In real estate sales.

Knight Frank's Market Research Director, Anthony Duggan, predicts that private investors will continue to gain global market share as the number of wealthy individuals and their assets grows. Private net worth of private investors has increased from $ 30 million in 2016 to $ 193,490.

Research also shows that Asia is competing with the United States for the number of extremely wealthy investors. Currently, Asia has less than the United States 27,020 ultra-rich investors, but by 2026 this difference will be reduced to 7,068 people.

While North America may not be at the top of its growth rate chart, it is still the largest center of ultra wealthy real estate investors in 2026, and its growth will continue to outpace. Other developed economies. The report said that while Asia will continue to lead the region, countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India will continue to have significant expansion.

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