Bloom luxury real estate, projects should be selected?

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Currently, many of the apartment projects were offered, the customer is really hard to be able to make the decision to choose for themselves a worthy investment projects.

Senior project as "blooming flower garden"

As reported by CBRE, new supply of apartments market in quarter 3/2016 quarter recorded throughout 8016 received a total of 23 new apartment projects, including 13 new projects and 10 projects complete is offering a later stage. In particular, the premium segment accounts for 29% of new supply.

Only in the area of ​​Ben Van Don, District 4 - dubbed the golden path of high-end real estate projects focus scale in the presence of names such investors: Novaland, TNR Holdings Vietnam, Tien Phat, Thao Dien Investment ...

In addition, a number of prominent projects is expected to sell in the next quarter in District 2 is en Vista Feliz developed by CapitaLand and Keppel Land by Palm Heights development. 3/2016 quarter also noted the formation of the JV Maeda (a company from Japan) and German company developed the project Thien Waterina in District 2.

In the opinion of many investors increased speed in the inner city population. HCM will reach 10 million by 2020. Along with the middle class in Vietnam is forecast to account for half of the population in the coming years. When the middle class is increasing, Tp. HCM is an attractive destination for international investors, but central area in order to develop the senior project really is very scarce lead to demand for luxury real estate and investment in rental of people also interpret it to rise.

According to the market research index rents apartments in District 4 currently ranges from 500-1700 USD / month for apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Apartment in the city center. Ho Chi Minh City is still a potential investment channels in the present and future.

Identify the project deserve to "down money"
According to real estate experts, the first point to attract buying or renting apartments is a prime location. Ben Van Don region, the reason became District 4 address of the apartment gold because here the full assurance criteria for the location near the river, lovely views and convenient to move quickly through the county center thanks to the existing bridge, such as Nguyen Van Cu bridge, Ong Lanh bridge, Calmette bridge, Khanh Hoi, Tan Thuan bridge 1-2, Kenh Te bridge ... and the bridge is preparing built as bridges Thu Thiem 3, bridges Nguyen Khoai, Long Kieng bridge. The project in Ben Van Don takes only a few minutes to connect to the heart of District 1, Ben Thanh Market, walk Nguyen Hue Street.

Senior complex scale Ben Van Don top being formed.

According to CBRE, home prices in high-end projects are still under upward graph, especially the riverside center project could rise to 200% Mr. Mac Townsend, General Director of CBRE said. Ownership position Ben Van Don facade frontal views of the Ben Nghe river, The GoldView project is considered potentially high returns.

Besides the location, size and other prominent internal facility deserve world class such as: Business Center 18.431m2 large-scale 5-storey hanging garden on the ground 80 meters high, adult and child swimming pool Kids on the 5th floor, are factors creating added value for the apartments at the GoldView. According to investors, the price of apartments The current GoldView increased from 12-15% over the first round of the open sale.

Buying residential or investment, the quality remains the decisive factor. Apartments of good quality, the high safety and convenience for the activities and ensure the home will not be costly for home renovations.

The apartments are Coteccons - one of the leading contractors in Vietnam built and supervised by Artelia like The GoldView always preferred customers. The progress and quality of each unit is ensured through the application process inspection and evaluation according to international standards of Coteccons and Artelia Group.

Projects to accelerate to attract customers.

Add an element to keep in mind that is the sales policy and incentive programs are the investors launched aimed at the interests of customers. Vietnam TNR Holdings management unit operating and development is devoted exclusively GoldView The opportunity to own a Mercedes C250 for $ 1.7 billion to own 300 customers from 17.10.2016. Besides, sales policy with discount up to 11.5% and more valuable prizes for successful trading customers from now until 11/20/2016.

According to real estate experts, the project is located bordering the river, beautiful views, exceptional internal facility, quality and schedule assurance, good sales policy, the value will be very lucrative high potential and rental easy.

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