Binh Duong: What is the fate of ancient villas in No Trang Long?

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The authorities asked 237 No Trang Long mansion owners to return the original status despite the fact that the structure was crushed.
Recently, Ms. L.T.K. Q, Thuan An town, Binh Duong province sent the application to the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City proposed to consider and remove the remaining wall of the villa 237 No Trang Long, Binh Thanh District she owns.

However, this opinion was not approved by HCMC Department of Construction. According to the explanation of the City Construction Department, this is a building in 1920, in the form of old French architectural villa. Therefore, this is the architecture of group 1 (the group must preserve - PV) must be kept the same external architecture, internal structure.
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237 No Trang Long Villa, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

City Construction Department proposed City People's Committee directed Binh Thanh District People's Committee to strengthen inspection of the improvement and repair of the owner to keep the original shape and design of the old villa.
At the end of June 2016, the owner surreptitiously torn down the roof and some decorative edges, ... Detecting the case, immediately after the People's Committee of Binh Thanh requested to stop construction.
According to a reporter on the morning of May 5, the place is nowhere to grow grass, the building only few walls and severe degradation, difficult to return to the original state.

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