Resort real estate throughout the 2016 racing discount

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One project in Nha Trang resort profitable committed new type, except directly to the price 300 - 500 million per product, is considered the client moves with "fresh money paddy was" the most impressive pre-market tonight.
Investors flocked to Phu Quoc land rush / Real Estate Vacation 'wake hibernation'
Following the explosion occurred momentum throughout 2015 and 2016 the real estate market continues to record bold mark of the segment resort real estate. According to the Association of Real Estate Vietnam, in the last 12 months alone, three geographical areas: Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc has 35 new projects were offered to the market with 12,000 apartments and nearly 2,000 distinct resort letter.

Greater supply sparked race-profit committed to increasing the real estate developers launched more often, with more attractive figure. Last year, when the real estate market more bustling resort, the common commitment to profitability of 6 - 8%. However, in 2016, the commitment to profit increased from half to twice, ranging 10 - 14% per year.

A project has been operating in Nha Trang offering 14% profit per year for 2 years for the visitors. The project in Da Nang, Phu Quoc commitment levels ranging from 8-10% in the period from 5 - 10 years. Many projects in other localities such as Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Quy Nhon ... nor profit commitments under 8% per year.

Especially in Khanh Hoa market, a real estate giants in the local popular offering real estate projects in Nha Trang resort complete with the status quo, can be put into operation immediately with shocking deals . Specifically, investors must subtract commitments on cost profit, a total discount of up to 300 - 500 million a product.
bat dong san nghi duong
2016 Property Vietnam resort is set a new record on rates and profit margins of commitment in crisis compared to other countries in the region
Profit highest ever committed in the real estate market of Vietnam resort he Mauro Gasparotti - CEO Company Property Consultants Alternaty identified as "very high". Because compared to neighboring markets such as Thailand or Bali (Indonesia), only about 5 - 7% profit per year. Commitment period profit of up to 10 years in Vietnam were also found to be quite long compared to other countries in the region.

Chairman of JSC Investment and Distribution DTJ, Nguyen Quoc Khanh said the cause of the profit levels of commitment unprecedented crisis on the real estate market Vietnam resort rooted in the competition included in this segment. In 2016 the investor not only the commitment made attractive profits but also investment, develop new gadgets for the first time on the market, improve material life and rest of Vietnam, integration with international tourism standards.

Discuss this investment channel at a ceremony summed up the real estate market held in HCM City, Professor Dang Hung Vo, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment assessed, although the real estate property is committed to benefit safety net, this segment still has a certain number of risks.

First time use of real estate land most resorts are limited. Most of the tourism projects and resorts under the traditional investment methods are state allocation of production, non-agricultural business with a term of 50 years. Now move on to investors in the form of non-traditional, individuals have requested to move to the land in the long term. On the land legislation, this type of land use has not yet specified. In fact, some localities have to switch to long-term use, a number of other localities still use the land for the duration of 50 years. When the money to invest in a certain project, the individual investor should consider the time limit to specific land use decisions accordingly. The project investors need procedures to pay land use fees are transferred to soil type to be used in the long term.

The second risk may encounter is a contract to buy tourism products, investors resort project between the buyer tied to the commitment between the two parties, including the commitment to cooperate to exploit this asset and benefits from mining. This is also a form of buy, sell assets formed in the future, always associated with the risk of unfinished projects. To ensure asset mining process run smoothly, contract should be drafted with the legality high, investors choosing Project Professional, reputable.

A third risk may be encountered as the outbreak source of resort real estate market may result in a situation of oversupply, business performance in the future will be lower. Meanwhile, investors have committed about profits but also can not be done because of the fact does not bring much profit. To overcome this risk, individual investors need to analyze in detail the supply - demand in the areas of travel and selection of appropriate investment. Investors typically prestigious projects they own customer network and are not afraid to fall into excess supply capabilities.

Also, according to Professor Dang Hung Vo, the real estate market and tourism in Vietnam market can not be achieved immediately raises expectations as investors welcomed the trade agreements wave neoliberal, in that is the most important trans-Pacific agreements TPP. Because the new term of the newly elected US president announced the US withdrawal from TPP has slowed integration opportunities of free trade areas this.

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