Allocation of medium term investment: No report will cut capital

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To date 31/3, if ministries and localities have not yet reported the plan allocation plan details the medium-term public investment phase from 2016 to 2020, will report to Congress cut funds, transferred to the general provision.
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Government has directed very aggressively

21/2 pm, at the 7th Session of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly (NASC), authorized by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Planning and Investment (MPI) Nguyen Chi Dung reported NASC plans for distribution detailed additional public investment plans medium-term period 2016 - 2020 by the Government.
According to Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister, because capital medium-term investment plans of state budget (State Budget) this period greatly lower than originally planned so the ministries, branches and localities in trouble, Awkwardness in regulating allocation plans in detail. Some units are not strictly observe the principles and criteria for allocation of funds. The government has given instructions to the end of the allotted time, if not continue to allocate capital regulations, will cut plan to pay debts in capital construction (CC), recovery of advance capital or adjusted for the ministries and other local industries. But to date 01/15/2017, yet still 19 local allocation plans submitted detailed list of projects to use Group B up capital balance local budgets; 18 ministries and 37 local allocation of the central budget (the central budget) has not prescribed.
Dated 02.15.2017, the Prime Minister issued the electric 226 / CD-TTg, which requires MPI to publicize the list and the list of projects which are not strictly arranged by each department, branches and localities. Also given a deadline of January 2/2017, to complete the detailed allocation plans in accordance with the planning principles and criteria stipulated, to the end of 28/2 are not allocated properly will cut, put on general provision central budget investment.
To 17/2 days, only 3 provinces (Ninh Binh, Thai Binh, Binh Dinh) have not submitted detailed plans for allocating capital plan to balance the local budget (local budgets) and 3 ministries, central sectors (Banking Vietnam Development Bank, Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam Oil and gas Group) not expected to detail plans for the allocation of investment capital plans from the collection to the state budget are not included in the balance for the period 2016 - 2020.
Clarifying responsibilities to the head if the violation occurred
According to the Government's overall assessment, the basic layout which adhere to the principles, criteria and norms, which is quite concentrated layout, the number of projects decreased compared to the previous period. Basic arrange adequate medium-term investment plans to pay 100% of the central budget resources for capital construction debts and 71 ministries and agencies, local plans allocate sufficient funds in order to recover the advance. Prioritize the allocation of adequate counterpart funds for programs and projects in accordance with the project implementation schedule. At the same time, spent a large central budget reciprocal capital for PPP projects. The preparation of investment projects and construction of a vision for the period after the plan has received greater attention.
However, according to Minister Nguyen Chi Dung, some units are still not fully aware by the principles and criteria for the allocation of investment capital from the state budget, after several adjustments to allocate funds are scattered and are still conscious Ha Giang is not allocating adequate plan to pay arrears in construction; 13 units can not arrange enough capital recovery plan in advance the minimum prescribed, allocate capital not meet schedule; approving investment policy, investment decisions have been higher than the evaluation of capital resources and ability to balance the capital ...
At the meeting, the government agreed NASC notice for the list of projects which have the correct principles; pause not announced allocations for projects of ministries, sectors and localities do not comply with the Investment Law, the principle has given Parliament. Government continues to urge the report at the meeting of the NASC late May 3. By the end of this milestone, ministries, sectors and localities have not yet reported, will be submitted to the National Assembly to transfer all funds to projects roughly.
National Assembly Vice Chairman Phung Quoc Hien also requested the Government to continue to direct the ministries, branches and localities to strictly implement the Law on Investment, the Resolution of the Parliament, stating the responsibilities of the head. Investment Law stipulates the responsibility for handling the head severely, including approving investment policy while balancing investment funds are prohibited acts.
On behalf of the Government, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue affirmed both objective reasons and subjective existence led to the allocation of capital in the medium term, but the cause is the most important subjective. Government will frankly acknowledge its responsibility, will direct, positive review, cases of non-compliance, making it difficult, causing serious negative will handle whatever positions yet. The ministries, branches and localities to seriously review, do not blame the objective reasons.
But the government report detailed plan for allocating investment capital plans medium-term period 2016 - 2020 the NASC slower than planned, but appreciate NASC preparation, drastic direction of the Government, as well as the difficulty of MPI in the work of synthesis, review and appraise a huge investment plan for the whole country in the medium term, because this is a new issue, complex and somewhat sensitive. Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong assessment, planning medium-term investment is an important step forward in balancing the investment and development resources, important step in the renovation budget management.

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