Alert the quality of resettlement housing

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The Ministry of Construction has just issued a document urging the quality management and maintenance of resettlement housing.
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Strictly handle investors, owners, managers of exploitation and use of works in violation of regulations on management and maintenance for resettlement.

The assessment from the Ministry of Construction shows that many houses and resettlement houses have been put into use nationwide. However, there have been rapid degradation and direct impacts on life. Live of the inhabitants.

The main cause of this situation is due to: resettlement houses and technical infrastructure outside the house is not invested in complete, quality finished not satisfactory. Maintenance, management, operation, exploitation and use have not complied with the provisions of Decree No. 84/2013 / ND-CP dated 25 July 2013 of the Government on housing development and management Resettlement, Decree No. 46/2015 / ND-CP dated 12/5/2015 of the Government on quality management and maintenance of construction works and guiding documents.

In order to overcome the shortcomings and further strengthen the quality management, maintenance and safety of people living in resettlement sites, the Ministry of Construction requests localities to base on the conditions Specific to allocate land fund and investment budget to build resettlement housing in the area; To ensure the principle that households and individuals may be arranged resettlement houses with better conditions for living, living or being equivalent to their former dwelling places, and having synchronous technical and social infrastructures.

The Ministry of Construction also requires the investor of the resettlement house together with the subjects involved in the construction of works to closely manage the quality of survey, design and construction; To select qualified organizations and individuals according to regulations on construction of resettlement houses.

Especially, the organization of pre-acceptance test and handover of the resettlement site must comply with the provisions of law. Works shall be put into use only when they meet the requirements of the design, construction regulations and technical standards; Prepare and approve the maintenance process. On the side of the owner, management of exploitation and use of resettlement houses, the Ministry of Construction requires the establishment and approval of the maintenance process if not implemented; To set up a fund to maintain and manage the use of this fund in accordance with the provisions of law; Organize the maintenance according to the approved process.

At the same time, the ministry requested the Department of Construction and related state management agencies to intensify the inspection of quality management, management, operation and maintenance of resettlement houses. In which, investors, owners, managers of exploitation and use of works violate the regulations on management and maintenance of resettlement houses.

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