Affordable housing, not necessarily rare precious

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Many experts and managers are expected in 2017 will be the year the segment of affordable housing market leaders.
According to the interpretation, the current needs of this segment of housing up to 80%, while supply meets only 20%. However, there is the fact that when asked, many people today whether "soft" house but still no more than "salty" with cheap housing projects, social housing today.

Ms. Doan Thi Huong, who is renting in dormitories G5 Success said, because money is tight so she and her husband had to admire many projects affordable housing, social housing throughout time. Was more work to go see, learn, but to the present time she and her husband have yet to pin a specific project.
"Out Festival, my wife and I have noticed Xuan Mai Complex project, the price of 16 million dong / m2 is acceptable. Project location not too far, but the biggest problem now is the path that Huu often in a state of severe congestion. This is the problem my wife and I freak out today because two spouses work in the city, if there are 2 small children do not know what kind of transfer, "Huong said. Also because of barriers that she and her husband from the New Year has yet to decide whether or not to buy an apartment in this project.
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Supply shortage, but many affordable housing projects is still difficult winning customers. Illustration

Tight financial conditions more, he and his wife Tran Cong Pictures (currently rent in Dinh Cong) also only interested in affordable housing projects.
According to Tran Cong Photo to buy a cheap apartment is not a simple job to anyone. "Home prices up, but not every time a purchase is also anxious spouses. But reality is not always appropriate projects. Still, they must know is cheap, but far from the center of the transport infrastructure, urban areas today, not convenient for work, education of children, it is difficult to get in, "Tran Cong Photo said.
A project in Tan Hoi Trung and Union (Dan Phuong), one located in Gia Lam. Meanwhile, the couple's work in the area are Thanh Xuan. "If you buy a house there, to go from home to work with the current traffic situation takes a half hours. Gone too soon, it does not put their children to learn. This is problematic, "Tran Cong Photo sharing.
The fact since mid 2016, some affordable housing projects have begun to voice and offered for sale on the Hanoi market, opening up more opportunities for customers choice. However, in fact, home buyers are still reluctant to affordable housing projects of this type. One of the projects that the business world is the cheapest market is due Muong Thanh Ha Thanh Cienco 5 as an investor.
Each also watching this project, but he Dao Ngoc Trung (Thanh Xuan) decided to abandon. "The distance is not too far from reality because I worked in the area of ​​Thanh Xuan but with the information about previous projects of investors in Xa La, or slightly Linh Dam made me freak out. That's why I decided to wait a while longer, "Trung said.
A few years ago, though no wave formation in the market, but has a number of affordable housing projects appear. But with many barriers as far from the center, not overall infrastructure that this segment has not really attracted a lot of customers are buying real housing needs. Number of projects not yet created little but the attention from customers. For example, projects Singashine Loc Ninh, Yen Nghia CT. The cause was attributed to outlying locations. Loc Ninh located Singashine take Chuc Son (Chuong My, Ha Noi), or as belonging to Yen Nghia Yen Nghia CT (Ha Dong).
Last time, Hoai Duc area is one of the affordable housing supply giant Hanoi market. Cheap commercial condominium high proportion. Most of the projects here with prices ranging from 10-15 million / m2. But according to the real estate business, even large supply, but the region remains difficult to attract customers.
The cause for this was explained to buyers in these projects are mainly people living and working nearby. Meanwhile, the majority of companies, the office focuses mainly in the urban districts, the distance is too far.
According to Dr. Pham Sy Liem, former Deputy Minister of Construction, affordable housing to attract customers, the location must be convenient for the everyday life of residents, such as not too far from work, near schools, hospitals ... Because this hospital is the essential requirements of life. Hoai Duc district in the city center is quite far away, the social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals should not have much difficulty attracting buyers.
"The demand for low-end segment is always great but home buyers are increasingly demanding, more demanding. The supply will be more than up but by missing too many criteria served daily life should talk affordable housing segment will lead the future market is very difficult, "explains Dr. Pham Sy Liem.
Phan Hoat (CAND)

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